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Here’s how most content marketing and SEO campaigns go…

You discover you’ve maxed out Facebook ads, Google ads or whatever other channel you’re using to generate leads…You start looking into new channels, in the process learning about SEO or content marketing…

You scour the internet for the perfect company to deliver SEO or content marketing services…

You contract them to help you with your SEO or content marketing…

You either see great content get published, but your traffic stays silent…OR you see your rankings go up, but all your traffic hits your site and suddenly drops off…

Or worse, you get a bunch of useless traffic from countries you don’t even do business in.

You see a bunch of cash going out the door without much to show for it…

Now you’re $10,000+ out of pocket and you’re back to searching for new channels that’ll push the needle for you.

So what went wrong?
Simple, in todays world value first relationship building is king.

SEO without decent content just drives traffic to useless content with no real value.

Putting out great content through content marketing without focusing on SEO is just building value with your existing audience (if it even exists).

One should not exist without the other.


That’s why we take the SEO Driven Content Marketing approach.

We focus on the best elements of value driven, long form content creation found in content marketing and tie it to the traffic driving methods used in SEO to deliver TORRENTS of pre-qualified, ready to convert traffic at scale.

It’s effectively content marketing for SEO to drive a ton of scale.


How much scale?

Last year we generated over 100,000 organic traffic attributed leads for our clients, not including all the extra leads they generated as referrals.

And that was just with a few industries.

You see, we only work with a handful of clients at any one time. That way we can often deliver industry exclusivity and focus on getting you results faster by improving what we do.

Unlike most agencies that scale on quantity, we only accept ONE new client per month.

That way we maintain the absolute best customer experience, while ensuring we’re working with the best customers we can get epic results for.


How we choose our customers
We strongly believe in a value first approach to qualifying customers.

Part of our process to building a relationship with potential customers is to build a 90 day SEO Driven Content Marketing plan.

In a 30 minute call we’ll go through a custom built strategy to get the most impact in the next 90 days through epic content and a focused SEO approach.


Then what?
If we’re on the same page, we’ll invite you to move into step to of our process.

If it doesn’t feel like a fit, we’ll send over the strategy and you can execute it internally or with another agency if you’d like.


How do I get started?
It’s simple, head over to the contact us page and get in touch.

Tell us about your business, your challenges and what you want to achieve. We’ll respond back with a quick questionnaire to gather the data we’ll need to pull together your 90 day strategy.

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How We Produce Results

Avada Admin

SEO Driven Content Marketing

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, but almost every company does something wrong in the process generating leads. We have years of experience in profitable, highly targeted, high scale lead generation campaigns leveraging the best in SEO and Content Marketing. Leverage our expertise to massively grow your business and cut lead costs!

Avada Admin

Content Driven Sales Funnels

Just imagine, your customer on-boarding, up selling, retention and engagement all automated. Optimized on an ongoing basis to make it even more effective. Emails and content bombs going out while customer satisfaction goes up. All without you having to click a button or press a key on your keyboard! That’s a reality for those with an effective Sales Funnel.

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Coaching & Consulting

We work with marketers, CEOs, CMOs and anyone in need of technical or strategic expertise. Often tech companies and entrepreneurs face an expertise or skill disparity that slows down their business. We help fill the gap by providing you access to years of experience in SEO, content marketing, sales funnels, advertising and high impact growth marketing. We’ll work with you and/or your team members to help them be more effective.

Clients We’ve Achieved Amazing Results For

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We Love Our Customers, And They Love Us

Jamil is one of the few true authorities on creating and executing high-impact content strategies. He was able to create a comprehensive 90 day content strategy for us from scratch – and the level of detail and creativity blew me away.”
Ryan Gum,
Really happy with the work that Jamil has done. Even though I have decent marketing knowledge he recommended techniques I had no idea about that I feel were very effective. I also feel like he went above and beyond our initial requirements. All in all a great resource and look I forward to working with him in the future.*
Umer Farooq
We run a boutique recruitment firm and Easy Automated Sales has been a key resource for automating lead generation and increasing sales. They have a ton of knowledge when it comes to making your sales team more efficient and focusing on
sales and marketing activities that generate results.*
Justin Pintwala
Easy Automated Sales did an exceptional job on the recent project. They were fantastic to work with. Broad-minded Marketers. If you need a highly committed professional team, Easy Automated Sales are the right people. I enjoyed working with them on the various projects we took on.*
Dil Ahdan
I have consulted with Easy Automated Sales on several occasions as I built out my digital marketing and consulting platform company. Easy Automated Sales has the unique combination of advanced technical skills, adept business sense and a generous approach to the helping others. I highly recommend them.*
Lawrence Klamecki
I highly recommend hiring Jamil. He takes the time to get to know you and your business goals and then presents you with actionable strategies to execute on a quarterly basis. Contact Jamil today and get a Pro Marketing Blueprint that will take your business to new levels.*
Carlos L Aguilar

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