In today’s world, consumers are bombarded by information and advertisements everywhere they look. In order for your Facebook posts to truly stand out, you need branded Facebook contests to give people a reason to click. Below, you can learn about five of the most awesome Facebook contests to ever take place – and the results the contests generated.

Diamond Candles

Recently, several companies much like Diamond Candles have surfaced across the web. These are the companies that sell candles with jewelry hidden in the bottom; some of these pieces are worth quite a bit of money, too. They ran a contest on their Facebook page asking entrants to like their page and submit their email addresses to be entered into a sweepstakes. Rather than giving away the hot product of the time, whether an iPad or a brand new smartphone, Diamond Candles gave out its very own product. In less than six weeks, this company generated more than 30,000 new fans and created a bit of a viral sensation.


Sometimes a contest is designed to tug at consumers’ heartstrings, and that’s exactly what Dove accomplished. In their “Real Beauty Should Be Shared” contest, Dove took to Facebook. They asked their fans to enter a friend’s name and two things that make her beautiful in the entry box. The prize? It wasn’t a vacation or even a lifetime supply of Dove products. Instead, the lucky winners became the next faces and representatives of the Dove brand. This was truly genius as it took the company’s slogan from just words to something more meaningful.


Everyone already knows Macy’s, but in today’s day and age, it is important for even the world’s largest retailers to keep up with the times. In the Frank Sepe Sweeps, a promotion designed around a line of fitness clothing, Macy’s asked people to “like” their page and allow Facebook access in exchange for a chance at a $1000 Macy’s gift card for a brand new fitness wardrobe. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but take a look at the bigger picture. With this campaign, Macy’s effectively showed everyone that it is a retailer willing to educate consumers and provide lifestyle-enhancing products.


SportsCenter had one of the most unique Facebook contests of all time, asking its fans to rank their favorite “This Is SportsCenter” advertisements for an hour-long special focusing on the fans. SportsCenter created a fan voting app on its Facebook page, and they even gave away 20,000 gift cards for Burger King to the first people who ranked all 10 videos available on the site. The contest and the hour-long special were both incredibly successful with more than a million votes cast on the Facebook page. The idea of allowing voters to decide what they wanted to see on television was brand new, and SportsCenter certainly reaped the benefits.


In what is arguably one of the most effective Facebook ad campaigns ever – and one that Lay’s still runs each year – the “Do Us a Flavor” campaign is spectacular. Not only do the fans get to come up with their own flavors and names for their very own chips, but Lay’s even allowed Facebook fans to vote for these flavors, narrowing down the selection. Then, the top four find their way onto store shelves across the country. What’s more, if you actually check out Lay’s Facebook page, you’ll find that they went out of their way to engage with voters in the comments.

As you can see, even well-known brands can grow seemingly overnight with nothing more than a contest. Imagine the possibilities for a small or mid-size business offering free products, discounts, or even a chance for consumers to voice their opinions.