Whether you want to track outbound marketing calls or find out how many people are responding to your advertisements, there are dozens upon dozens of call tracking services available to help you do just that. Below, you can discover the five best and what they have to offer for your unique business needs.


CallTrackingMetrics is probably one of the most complete services available on the internet today. It not only tells you which ads are leading to telephone calls, but it even goes as far as tracking AdWords, PPC, organic, mobile, and social campaigns all at the same time. You can use it for online and offline campaigns alike, making it a valuable tool for anyone who runs multiple marketing campaigns through a variety of outlets. If you truly want to see the biggest return on your investment and make sure that you get the most for your marketing dollar, this is the solution for you.


CallRail is another full-bodied call tracking service that suits just about any type of business well. Whether you want to track calls going to an automated system or even a full-fledged call center, this tool can handle it all. In fact, it even allows for call recording so that you can more easily qualify your leads and coach your staff on improving overall customer service. With excellent reporting, it is hard to go wrong with this software.


AvidTrak touts itself for being a single, easy-to-use platform that delivers on all of your call tracking needs. It offers call recording, greetings, whispers, voicemails, and even IVR options to help you simplify your telephone calls. PPC keyword call tracking, integration with Google Analytics and other platforms, and the ability to create customized proprietary reports based on a variety of information truly puts the power in your hands.

Call Source

Although the CallSource platform is usable in nearly any industry, they focus primarily on the automotive, health care, and home services fields. In fact, CallSource is the only software on this list with a patented sales performance management system that is guaranteed to increase your business’s overall profitability. Some of its features include the ability to track inbound leads, recover lost leads, identify prospective leads, and even analyze individual calls to make sure that your staff is delivering the best customer service possible.

Analytic Call Tracking

Analytic Call Tracking offers up some of the best and most feature-rich call tracking software available today. In fact, with this software, you can create your own enterprise-class call tracking platform in less than 15 minutes. The best part is that you will know when calls come in, in real time, via a series of manageable alerts. It offers a full caller history, easy call reports, and call handler exceptions, as well.

With all of the call tracking services out there, it is often difficult to decide which one is best for your company’s unique needs. All five of the ones above receive very high ratings from those who use them, and the feature-rich platforms ensure that the information you need is always at your fingertips.