It happens all the time.

You were excited about your business when you first got started, but you soon realized that you have to do a lot to sustain it.

Then you suddenly felt helpless. You wish there were tools to help automate every aspect of your business. Sure, there are!

Marketing automation is the future of digital business. We barely have enough time in the day to manually manage all the intricacies of a digital venture.

Use automation to reduce time wastage and increase your income. Gartner estimates a 5% reduction in marketing, and 15% savings on creative production through automation.

Generally, different business models require the right tools to make them work.

When it comes to automating your SaaS (Software As A Service) model, you need a solution that allows you reach new prospects, engage your existing customers, optimize your work and become more productive, and a tool for building specific landing pages.

A handful of these software tools will be covered below. Make sure that you read it with an open mind, and become persuaded that if these automation tools helped several SaaS businesses increase their revenue, it can do the same for you.

Let’s begin with…


1. ConvertKit

Engaging with new and existing customers begin when you capture their email address. Come on, even in a real life scenario, you can’t claim to know someone whom you don’t have their contact information.

The same thing plays out online, especially when you don’t meet people face to face. At least, I’ve over 10,000 weekly readers, but have only met 3 persons physically.

Email marketing helps you amplify your content. According to Earnest Agency, “72% of B2B buyers are most likely to share useful content via email.”

That said, you need to be in total control of your contacts, and the messages you send to them. With a plethora of email marketing tools out there, you may just go along with one.

But you really don’t have to. Because there is a better option. ConvertKit.


ConvertKit is the brainchild of Nathan Barry, a guy who became popular in the digital marketing industry when his flagship book, “The App Design Handbook” was launched.

ConvertKit is an email automation software. I can boastfully say that it’s actually an upgrade of what’s already out there. Because it makes list building fun and rewarding.

For one, you can set a custom opt-in form for each content on your blog or site. You can easily drip emails, while providing enormous value to customers in your contact list.

Several experts who run a SaaS business models use ConvertKit. Two influencers use it right now: Andrew Warner of Mixergy and Pat Flynn, founder of


2. Trello

If you’re like most software marketers, you know that organizing your day to day task can be cumbersome. It really can!

With Trello, you can simplify the entire process. Many people may not see Trello as a marketing automation tool, but it really is.


Why? Because it helps every team member stay updated on the current project. This in turn gives them a “sense of purpose.”

Recent studies show that team members who have a sense of purpose are more resilient, focused, and creative – the qualities that you need to expand your software-based business.

Trello is free, and flexible. You can use it to organize anything with virtually anyone in and outside your team. Create and use the Trello board, lists, and cards to optimize your life.


More important, the results are visually-driven; which makes it a lot easier to see how your project will look like when completed.


3. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a complete automation software. Many refer to it as a CRM software, because it’s useful for managing customers’ contacts, and communicating with them.


Although, several developers have tried to compete with them, but the absolute ease of their tool gives users a reason to stick to the brand. Specifically, here are the 4 things Infusionsoft can help you achieve:

  • Get organized
  • Automate your marketing
  • Close sales like a pro
  • Sell online while getting a “thank you” from customers

With Infusionsoft, customization is fun. “It’s easy to customize content and create the right tracks for where that content needs to go,” said Mr. Gerber.

Truly, the power of a tool is in the results people have generated while using it. Derek Christian, CEO of My Maid Service, a 37 employee company based in Cincinnati fell in love with Infusionsoft in 2012.

Due to the results his company got within a short period of time, Derek paid $1,200 upfront to Infusionsoft – just to be double sure that his account stays active at all time. Can you beat that?


4. Recruiterbox

You can’t do it all alone.

Show me a self made millionaire, and I’ll proudly show you his formidable team. You’ve got to understand that building a successful SaaS business requires brainstorming, communication, and dedication.

All of these are perfected when you’ve a motivated team.

Recruiterbox is that simple and versatile tool that helps you recruit and track job applicants.


For example, when you’ve an opening in your company and you place ads, don’t be surprised to see over 300 notifications – with everyone calling for your attention.

How do you manage every email? Remember that every email you miss could be a potential applicant that would add extra power to your team.

Save yourself the hassle. Use Recruiterbox to simplify and optimize your hiring process.

Lonely Planet, CrunchBase, and several other brands use this tool. A premium solution costs $20 per month, but you can get started for free – at least to get acquainted with the tool.


5. Leadpages

As a digital marketer, it’s your responsibility to grow your business. There are no assumptions. That’s why you must split test. Split testing gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors. According to event360, “President Obama raised an additional $60 million, using A/B Testing.”


However, split testing is not a standalone marketing strategy. It relies heavily on your landing pages.

In fact, split testing begins with your landing page. Of course you can experiment with other things in your business, but without a landing page where you ‘welcome’ new customers – you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice.

Since landing pages are the hallmark of every split testing experiment, you need Leadpages.


Unlike other landing page creators, Leadpages has over 50 professionally looking templates, and you can use the leadboxes (a simple email trigger tool) to collect email leads on your landing pages.



Marketing has evolved over the years. It used to be more of art, but today, you need to integrate and track your daily activities using the right tools. This is science.

No matter your present level, automation can give meaning to your software-based business, and help you choose a pathway that will increase your revenue.

Listen up: You’re not a software seller, but a solution provider. A problem solver.

What specific goal does your software help people accomplish? Write it down. Then work backwards. And use the reviewed tools to automate the entire marketing processes.

Which other tools do you use to automate your SaaS’ marketing?