LinkedIn has been set up specifically for business people in that it assists them with the process of promoting their companies and/or products. However, just setting up a LinkedIn account and expecting leads to come in is not going to be effective in generating leads. There are some basic recommendations to follow in order to do this.

1. Set up a Company Page on LinkedIn

When setting up your company page, you need to include a professional image that will attract people’s attention. This should be a head and shoulders photo of you. Your company’s description needs to be kept as clear and to the point as possible as well. When potential B2B leads are looking for information about you and your business, they don’t want to waste too much time having to search for it. In fact, they want to be able to tell at a glance whether you will be a suitable match for them or not.

2. Set up a Showcase Page

Showcase pages are an extension of your company’s page in that they allow you to set up separate pages that you can use to market one or more of your products or services. Although these pages can be set up to suit virtually any type of market, some limitations and rules do apply. For example, the name you want to use for each page must be 100% unique and it is recommended that you incorporate keywords in the page name to make it easier to find.

3. Add Content Regularly

Regardless of which social network you use, all of them work on the same basic principal in that they must be updated regularly in order to generate B2B leads. It is recommended that your content be compiled in such a way that it encourages potential B2B leads to comment on it or even ask questions about it. This will result in your page being more active and ultimately more popular than others in your niche or industry.

4. Partake in LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is a dedicated area where users can ask questions. This process can be streamlined because you are able to select the questions you answer according to the industry you are in or the products you sell. Although getting involved here on a regular basis will make more potential leads aware of your company, you should not try to market yourself here, as it could end up driving potential leads away instead of attracting them.

5. Purchase LinkedIn Premium

Not upgrading your LinkedIn profile to the premium option will prevent you from gaining access to additional B2B leads, as there are many features that are not available on the free LinkedIn platform. One example is InMail, which can be used to send messages to other users that are not yet connected with you in order to help generate new B2B leads.

When you use all of the available features on LinkedIn to their fullest potential, it can indeed be one of the most powerful and effective platforms to generate a number of new B2B leads.