Social media is everywhere these days, which is why you need to create an online presence for your business from the first day of it being in operation. Below are some ways in which you can harness the power of social media to grow your business.

1. Engagement

Businesses often make the mistake of trying to increase follower numbers as quickly as possible, when they should be focusing on engaging with existing followers first. Instead of over-saturating followers with multiple posts per day at first and fizzling out to a few sporadic posts every few months thereafter, create a schedule where you post once a day or even a few times a week on the same days each week. It is also crucial to respond to questions posted on your company’s social media profiles quickly and professionally.

2. Reputation Building

Having a solid reputation online is one of the best ways to grow your business. In many cases, this can be done by actively participating in niche-related forums and offering valuable insights and information to social media followers. Don’t make the mistake of trying to promote an array of sales pitches to followers and site visitors during the startup stages of your business, as this is one of the fastest ways to see them scatter. Instead, take your time to get to know your followers and make a name for yourself in your industry.

3. YouTube

Most social media followers prefer to watch a video clip instead of read through paragraphs of text. When compiling videos to share via social media, they should not be too lengthy either. They should also appear to be recorded as naturally as possible in that you should not strive for them to be ‘absolutely perfect.’ If possible, try to incorporate a little humor – most videos that have gone viral have had at least one ‘funny’ element to them.

4. Use Multiple Platforms

When trying to grow a business through social media, it is essential to branch out and work with a few different platforms. Although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are rated at the three most popular sites, don’t discount others such as Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, Tumblr and even Vine – each of them has the ability to grow your client base substantially. However, it is recommended to tailor your content according to the platform it is being shared on.

5. Boost SEO

Anyone who searches for your business online will normally check to see if it has a Facebook page in addition to a company website. Google’s algorithms are known for ranking social media in search results as well, so if your company’s Facebook page or Twitter account contains high quality content along with a great fan base, it stands an excellent chance of being ranked higher in search results than sites that don’t.

Although being active on social media may seem like a lot of work, your efforts will pay off in the long term in that your followers will come to know you as being a reputable industry leader.