LinkedIn has more than 400 million users around the world, which makes it an ideal platform to use for attracting new leads from virtually any niche. This network is generally classified as being a professional form of social media, and there are some great ways in which it can be used to attract leads.

1. Keep your Profile Updated

While creating a profile here, it is essential to complete all of the required fields. There is nothing more frustrating for potential clients than to arrive at your profile and find that it lacks pertinent information. Be sure to include your name, job title and a professional headshot photo – yes, a professional photo is absolutely essential. It is essential to update your profile regularly as well.

2. Create Authoritative Content

When posting content on LinkedIn, ensure that it is not ‘just another blog post.’ Be willing to provide thought-provoking content such as the latest industry-related trends and changes or even put in the extra effort to compile industry-related case studies. According to Eric Gruber, chief content officer for Get LinkedIn Help, it is essential to create content that positions you as a thought leader.

3. Create a Group

Neil Patel, owner of the Quicksprout blog, states that this is crucial when it comes to attracting new leads. Once your group has been created, you will have to work consistently to invite the right people to it. The type of group you create will depend on the type of people you are marketing to. For example, if you sell products to marketers, you will want to create a group consisting of influencers in the marketing industry.

4. Be Creative

Most LinkedIn profiles are extremely boring. A good way to make yours stand out is to include a video clip that potential contacts can watch while viewing your profile. This can be a ‘Welcome to my Profile’ video or it can be a customer review video for your products or service offerings. A handy tip – ensure that the video(s) do not play automatically, as this can be annoying.

5. Ask to Connect

This is one of the easiest ways to gain more leads. A lot of LinkedIn profiles allow you to ‘connect’ quite easily, which is why it is important to let fellow users know that you are open to connecting with them. You can do this by stating in your profile that ‘you are eager to connect’ with them.

6. Engage Regularly

After creating your profile and set up an industry-related group, it is essential to engage with its members regularly. Providing them with expert advice and a range of industry-related content will ensure that they keep coming back. Aim to share content here at least a few times a week.

It’s a known fact that, when used correctly, LinkedIn is the best professional social media site for creating as many useful leads as possible. As a result, implementing the above strategies will help you achieve your goal of increasing your amount of quality leads substantially.