Growth hacking.

I know it might sound like some sort of process that steroid pounding bodybuilders use to quickly pack on muscle.

But in reality, growth hacking is one of the most powerful marketing practices in the modern world.

If you learn how to leverage the power of growth hacking, you can easily scale your business, double your revenue, and become an industry leader in record time.

But what in the world is growth hacking?

How is it different from the plain old marketing techniques we’ve used since the Mad Men era?

What are the best growth hacking practices?

While all of those questions are just fine and dandy, I’d rather cut to the chase.

Instead of explaining all of the nuances of what growth hacking is, I am simply going to show you how to growth hack.

Using these simple, but powerful, techniques, you can transform your business overnight and take yourself to new heights.


1. Build An Epic Blog

I can already see you scratching your head thinking “Really?? Blogging? That’s a little simple isn’t it?.”

I know that the term “blogging” has gotten a bad rap from wantrepreneurs and “diary bloggers” who treat their content like a hobby instead of a business.

But I am talking about something else entirely.

The type of blogging I am referring to is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal and can be the difference between the success and failure of your business.

But how can something so simple be so powerful?

Because content is everything.

We live in the generation of information.

Everybody wants content in some form or another, whether that is Facebook, Instagram, a blog, or YouTube.

People love new content.

And a blog is one of the easiest ways to disseminate and market the content that you are creating.

It is also one of the easiest ways to monetize your expertise without having to sell a physical product or offer any sort of time consuming services.

So the better you become at creating and marketing content for your blog, the better you will be at growth hacking.


2. Use Social Proof Like Your Life Depends On it

There are very few things that can help you master growth hacking more quickly than social proof.

Like I already said, we live in the information generation.

But we also live in the b.s. information generation.

The internet has made it easy for any two-bit con man with a laptop to pretend he is something he is not and sell thousand dollar products under false pretenses.

Therefore, showing your audience that you are the real deal is more important than it has ever been.

Use social proof anywhere and everywhere that you can.

Use it in your content, on your website, in your emails, and your landing pages.

Beyond simply being a sweet little marketing hack, social proof is actually an incredibly powerful psychological principle.

You see, we as human beings have evolved with a tribal mentality.

This means that we largely base our actions on the actions of other members of our “tribe” and on the actions of our “tribe leaders” or authority sources.

For example, if you are walking down the road at a festival and don’t know which way to go, what do you typically do?

Follow the crowd, right?

There is safety in numbers, and following others gives us all a sense of reassurance and helps eliminate any fears we may have.

This is the same principle you need to rely on for your growth hacking strategy.

Use social proof to help reassure customers of their decision and eliminate any fears that they may have about purchasing from you.

My favorite types of social proof are:

  • Client testimonials
  • Logos (e.g. As featured on Forbes)
  • Case studies
  • Influencer endorsements
  • Customer statistics


3. Simplify Your Homepage

Your homepage can make or break your growth hacking efforts.

Assuming that you are providing high quality to your customers and meeting user intent, one of two things will happen when someone finds your site.

Either they will be drawn in and likely become a paying customer.

Or they will feel overwhelmed by the site and leave.

It’s that simple.

As a digital marketer, I am appalled at the quality of most website’s home pages.

Everything is a mess.

There are dozens of articles, links to random videos, weird pictures, and dozens of unrelated CTAs.

If you want to be successful at growth hacking your business, you need to remember what Bruce Lee said:

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.

You need to strip your website homepage down to the absolute bare bones essentials.

So now you might have the question, “What exactly do you mean when you say bare bones?

The answer is rather simple.

One headline, and one subheading that details what your company is about and what sort of value you have to offer.

That’s it.

Anything else is just excess.


4. Maximize Your Site Speed

You know what really grinds my gears?

Slow websites.

I mean really.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But the thing is, slow websites are not only a nuisance, they’re a huge money pit for your business.

According to some studies even a 1 second page delay can result in a 7% decrease in conversions.


That means that if you are currently generating $100,000 of revenue a year, a 1 second delay on your website could cost you $7,000.

Luckily for you, if your website is suffering from slow load time, all hope is not lost.

There are actually some simple things that you can do to get your website up to speed (no pun intended) without breaking the bank.

The ideal page speed for a beginning growth hacker is around 2 seconds.

Any slower than that and you will be losing out on conversions.

Any faster and you will have to whip out your credit card and get ready for some massive payments.

To make your site load as fast as possible, I recommend implementing these proven site speed tips.


5. Use The Power Of Guest Posting

You remember those days where you could get loads of backlinks by sending out a few emails and dropping a few names?


Those days are gone.

Now, if you want backlinks, then you must leverage the power of guest posting.

Plain and simple.

But how do you get started?

By writing incredibly high quality articles and pitching them to the leading sites within your niche.

So for example, let’s say that you run a small personal and professional development website.

You would want to pick the three top websites within your niche, write a unique article for each of them, and then send your proposal to the editor.

Be warned however, guest posting is not easy.

You will likely get rejected by most of the top websites in your industry when you are starting out.

This is why I recommend using the ladder approach to guest posting until you gain some traction within your niche.

This is basically where you start with small authority sites and then send proposals to bigger and bigger websites.

If you can master this technique, you will start to receive high quality traffic, add even more social proof to your company, and boost your revenue sky high.


6. Use Lead Magnets To Build Your Email List

While social media marketing is wonderful, it can’t even shine a candle to the powerhouse that is email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the oldest, most widely used, and most powerful marketing techniques of the digital age.

Just look at the data:

“Email is the number one lead generation technique, with three times as many active users than all the social-media users combined. It’s 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter.”

Forty times more effective.

Simply put, email marketing is one of your most important tools for growth hacking success.

The easiest way to quickly grow your email list? Create a high quality lead magnet where you effectively “bribe” readers to input their email address in exchange for a free product or service.

Finish every article with a call to action box requesting an opt-in or just use a pop up on your site to maximize the number of emails that you can collect.


7. Hire A Pro

I understand that you are busy.

You have businesses to run and money to make, and growth hacking might not be a priority for you right now (even though it should be).

If this is the case, then cut yourself out of the equation and hire a professional growth hacker.

If you hire the right growth hacker, they will pay for their services 10X over with the revenue and growth that they bring to your company.

Which brings up an important point.

Be very careful who you hire.

Self proclaimed growth hackers are a dime a dozen.

They have no real experience, no measurable results to show, and no sense of business ethics.

Make sure that you thoroughly vet and screen any growth hacker that you are thinking about hiring.

They do not come cheap and you want to make sure that you are investing in a “hacker” who knows what they are doing.


8. Pay Attention to KPIs

Any marketer worth their salt will tell you the same thing.

You need to track your data and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Nothing is more essential to your success as a business person and growth hacker than tracking your KPIs and adjusting your marketing accordingly.

By running simple tests and tracking the data from those tests, you can quickly identify and address any issues your company may have.

Whether your business is suffering from low conversions, low ROI ad campaigns, or a high bounce rate, tracking your KPIs is the quickest way to fix things.

I know that it’s boring.

I know it may seem tedious.

But if you can become efficient at the art of testing and tracking, you can rapidly grow your business to unthinkable levels.



So there you have it.

The simplest and most effective growth hacking techniques you can start using today to scale your business and grow your revenue.

While all of these techniques are simple, they are not easy.

But if you put in the work, you will see results.

I guarantee it.

What is your favorite growth hacking tip?