So, unless this is your first time searching the Internet to try to figure out how to get better B2B leads you have probably come across some of the useless advice that people seem to offer – some of which has nothing to do with getting B2B leads. In fact, there is so much garbage out there that it’s no wonder that marketers are getting lost and failing left and right. In this article, were going to discuss some ways to really get the B2B leads – ways that make sense and actually work – no matter what industry you are in.


How Getting Good Leads Happens

You might be surprised to learn that successful marketers often don’t have any idea where their leads are coming from. Of course, there are leads coming in from the various efforts that a marketer makes – pay-per-click advertising campaigns, social media and various other sources, but the majority of the leads that companies get often seem to appear from thin air like a house elf from the Harry Potter series.

So, if you don’t know where your leads are going to come from how can you improve your lead generation? The answer is to build your marketing strategy correctly. We may not know exactly where the leads are coming from but we do know it is a result of your efforts as a whole – amazing customer service, social media presence, consistent marketing and the development of relationships with others in your industry.

Getting B2B leads used to be a much simpler process. Before the Internet revolution, salespeople would get their leads mainly from other customers – whether that customer directly recommended someone in the salesperson reached out or the customer recommended the salesperson to a friend. Now things have gotten much more complicated and there are many new techniques that have replaced the previous ones, as well as a complete rewrite of the book of marketing, even with older techniques that are still effective. But the goal hasn’t changed. You’re still in the game to convert customers. It is only the way that you go about it that has changed.

Today, there are only four tried-and-true methods for generating leads – and they will not only garner leads on their own, but the use of all of them properly will result in that ‘X’ factor that will give you leads that you didn’t expect. So, let’s get started.


Use Social Media to (Not) Get Leads

Confusing right? The fact is – social media doesn’t get leads – at least not directly. But having a presence on social media – and using that presence properly – is something that will majorly contribute to your overall success at getting leads. Don’t expect the fact that you have social media profiles to result in leads for your business. This rarely happens, but conversely, it will almost always result in no leads if you don’t have social media profiles.

Social media is not something you should completely ignore as a source for your B2B leads, and there are some social media websites which actually can help you get more leads but the regular ones like Twitter and Facebook are highly overrated. In fact, Twitter is a very poor platform for getting leads but when you are advertising to businesses, YouTube is a great source of leads as long as you make videos correctly and get them in front of the right people. Depending on what your product is, Pinterest can also be a source of leads although usually, businesses that advertise to nonbusiness customers do better with Pinterest when posting pictures of the product.


Make Sure Your Content Marketing Plan Includes High Quality Content and Consistency

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of getting leads if you do it correctly. Unfortunately many people do not. In fact, many people see content marketing as something that they can spend almost no money on and get results and indeed, in the past that may have been the case. But now high-quality content is the first rule and consistency when posting it is the second. Don’t buy low quality content and don’t post a few articles and then let your strategy languish. Publish high-quality content regularly and you will begin to drawing traffic for all of the hundreds or thousands of keywords that you are being found for.


Give Away Something Useful

If you want to catch people’s attention and start getting your name out there one of the most effective ways is to create or outsource to a creator something that is going to be very useful to the people who download it and then give it to them for free. This is absolutely an effective lead generation tool. Marketing terms like “squeeze page” and “email campaign” Didn’t happen by accident. The method of trading something useful to someone – preferably a qualified customer who has the ability to purchase your product and the need for it – for their email address is a tried-and-true method of generating leads for B2B marketing.


Use Marketing Automation

You’ve probably heard the term marketing automation before but many people still don’t understand what this actually means and what is involved with the process. Marketing automation simply refers to the ability of an organization to automate part of their lead generation process with software in order to be more productive and get more leads.

Marketing automation isn’t for everyone but there are a number of benefits. For one thing, you obviously have more time for yourself or more time to spend on other lead generation methods if you prefer and you can automate marketing so that you can more effectively get leads that are qualified.

You will have to check out some of the software that is available for lead automation and decide whether or not it is right for you. It can certainly help you automate certain things that take up your time right now such as posting regularly on Twitter or other social media networks and WordPress has blog publishing automation built right in.