A part two follow up of the giant list of 19 effective content marketing tips we pulled together. We asked industry experts and business owners who have had success with content marketing for the #1 best tip that helped them succeed.

Here’s what we got from them just for you:


Jake Tully – Truck Driving Jobs


Your Industry May Be Falliable

When marketing content, don’t assume your audience will take action to your call or subscribe simply on the basis that they will fall into being brand ambassadors. In other words, thinking of your target market as good samaritans simply for existing does not always translate to their participation. It’s crucial to anticipate the lack of arrival and returns before it happens and incentivize them outside of giving them the content they want because they exist. Your niche and cohort markets are becoming less and less willing to follow instructions without first feeling as though they are getting something in return other than quality content. It needn’t be monetary necessarily, but giving them co-authorship, so to speak, is key.


Aaron Norris – The Norris Group


A3 = Assets x Audience x Authenticity

1) Assets: Identify and leverage the assets that make you unique, special, and drive sales

2) Audience: Clarify what conversion means for you, identify funnels, and thoughtfully target your audience. Do more of what already works, meet them where they are already meeting you in the first place. Only engage in the channels that make sense. Don’t create your own noise, the Internet provides plenty of that on its own. Don’t make it worse.

3) Authenticity: Each brand has a unique voice and story. Identifying those assets should help tell that story and hopefully help you select the appropriate channels to reach your target audience in a way that make you look great. Ever see a CEO that’s uncomfortable in front of a camera try to launch a YouTube channel. #gross

Too many companies get overwhelmed thinking they have to be everywhere. You be you. Meet your audience where they connect and communicate with them in a way that’s you. Test, measure, tweak, and repeat.


Angelica Valentine – Staffjoy


Be Hyper-Focused 

If you’re launching a content marketing campaign, make it as targeted and specific as possible. That means knowing exactly who you want to consume your content and what kind of action you want them to take. So many brands jumping on the content marketing bandwagon focus on quantity instead of quality. When you produce content that aligns with your brand, but isn’t overly salesy, that is much more likely to produce the results you desire.


Nicole Silver – TrustedPros


Stop Writing Content That You Find Interesting, Start Writing Content That Your Audience Finds Interesting

Do your research before you get invested in a topic. It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing content on a topic because you think it’s a good idea. The reality is that a successful content marketing campaign relies on good content that people need. If you don’t have that, then you’ve already lost your audience. My tip: find what people are writing about or talking about in your niche through Google Trends, and by doing a long tail search of a particular topic of audience interest. Next write a piece of content that blows all the other top-rated/first-page results out of the water. Go above and beyond by providing more insight and more information. Then you can easily market it as the best content for your audience through the channels that your target audience uses.


Derric Haynie – SplashOPM


Talk About Your Competitors

As a digital agency owner I rank #1 for “digital marketing agency san diego.” How did I do it? I don’t have great authority, hundreds of blog posts, or an entire team… Yet I’m beating professional 8 figure digital marketing agencies… I did it by talking about my competitors in a blog post titled “Top 10 digital marketing agencies.” I gave them all a fair review and let my audience decide whether it should be me (the guy that ranks #1) or them (the guys buying ads for #1) to help them with their marketing efforts. Remember, your customer is not an idiot, they know about potential competitors. If you show them the competition, then your showing your customers you have nothing to hide. Which you don’t, right?


Kathryn Casna – Radiation Writing


See Content Marketing As A Journey, Not A Destination

Content marketing isn’t about scoring a certain number of [insert metric here] and then sitting back to watch the sales role in. It’s a learning process. You’re not going to nail it the first time, and even if you did, your market and customers are constantly changing. Today’s magic formula could be completely obsolete tomorrow. Expect to invest in constantly testing, tweaking, and growing, and don’t let a few flops get you down. Learn from them and carry on.


David Hoos – The Good


Find Where Your Strengths & Their Weaknesses Overlap

The best way to make a big impact with content marketing is to study the top content in your niche as well as what your competition is producing and identify your unique areas of advantage. Start with that opening to get started and once you’ve established yourself in that area, you can broaden from there.


Coco Jeannine – Inseev Interactive


Content Should Start A Conversation, Not Dominate It

Blog and social media content should not seek to simply inform on or explain a topic to an audience. This type of content is exceedingly common and unfortunately often dull, leaving your audience with the sense that they are reading a textbook rather than connecting with your brand. Your content should be factually accurate, while also sparking new ideas and offering unique perspective in order to engage your audience and inspire participation in the discussion.


Dan Roberge – MaintenanceCare


Interview Industry Leaders

Utilize tools like LinkedIn to network and find new ways to make connections with industry leaders. Asking them to appear on your blog is a great source of content that will be engaging for your audience because it’s intelligent, thoughtful content that will hopefully answer a question or solve a problem. By harnessing this on a blog or webinar, you’re creating link-worthy content for yourself while also increasing exposure for the industry leader that you selected.


Noel McCann – HomeSuite


Research What’s Trending

In order to create great content, it is important to know which topics are most interesting to your target audiences. Thus, take some time to research what is trending via services like Epicbeat or Buzzsumo. These services show how many shares, likes, and comments articles receive, allowing you to choose topics that will most attract your target audiences.


Dave Hermansen – StoreCoach


This Tip Will Expire In 24 Hours…

As great as creating the perfect piece of content is, it really does not do much good if it does not result in some sort of profitable customer action. Obviously, any piece of content should be steering people ultimately toward that goal, whether it is to sign up for a newsletter, free eBook, course or actually sell them something.

Far too often, folks create some sort of call to action but forget the most important piece – creating a sense of urgency to perform that action. Whenever we create a marketing piece or even a sale banner that does not include a limited time frame, we get a small added boost but nothing to write home about. When we set a date for the free or discounted offer, the desired customer action has tripled. The smaller the window of opportunity, the better. As obvious as it may seem, it is amazing how often people forget this basic, but ultra important rule in sales.


David Ferguson – Tech Smart Boss


Have At Least One Lead Magnet For Every Blog Article You Create

It’s great to get traffic to your content but you want to convert that visitor traffic into a subscriber and ultimately a customer. One of the best ways to do this is to create something of value, such as a resource guide, checklist, spreadsheet, eBook, video series, or other piece of downloadable content that is worth providing an email to get. The right asset can be re-used and help to drive your content marketing funnel.


Arthur Tubman – D4Y Brand Builder


Build A Community Around Your Market

My #1 tip for a business owner to launch a content marketing campaign is to start a community page around your content topic on Facebook, build the audience through a paid social media campaign and bring your highly engaged community over to your content. You will build raving and committed fans that return to read your content time and time again. And you will also build a social asset you can utilize to spread your message.



Andrea Mocherman – Flowroute


Don’t Spray & Pray

Understand your buyer and what their pain points are before you start planning or producing content for your campaign. This enables you to create messages and offers that will resonate with your target audience, leading to increased interactions with your content that results in revenue generating conversions.


Jason Lavis – Out of The Box Innovations


Think About Longevity 

Think about longevity when you choose what to write about, and how to do it. Make your content evergreen, so that someone in 5 years will find it helpful, amusing or informative. This way your traffic and site authority will grow steadily over time, rather than chasing rabbits or rainbows.


Andrew Fogliato – Just Sell Homes


Do Your Research

Research. The trick to great content marketing is to intimately know your audience and what their buying path looks like. Where would they start in the research phase of the buying cycle? What pain points are they looking to address? Once you answer those questions you then need to start having more in depth content covering the questions that come out of their research. Start broad and then get more in depth and specific over time. This way you build trust with your audience as the expert and they’ll be naturally inclined to do business with you after.


Dave Anderson – Lazerwood Industries


Content Marketing is About Your Customer, Not Your Business

It’s important to understand this idea. When you are developing a content marketing plan, the most important thing to know and understand is that you are trying to create customer trust and build authority by providing useful content for your customers. Regardless of your industry, understanding the pain points and challenges that they have and building useful content to address those challenges is critical. If you can tie that into your business solution, even better, but the most important thing is creating that relationship and becoming a trusted source for information. The more touchpoints your get with your target customers, the better your chances become to convert that target person.

Action Item: If you don’t already know, survey the customer landscape and find out what problem they are having or trying to solve related to your service or product.


Nick Julia – Mind Heros


Plan For Promotion

Often the hardest part of starting a content marketing campaign isn’t producing the content.

It’s getting people to see the content.

So, have a plan for distribution and how your content will spread.

Figure out who is likely to share your content before you write a single word.  Be able to answer the question – why would they share?  What’s in it for them?

You can even start doing outreach for your content before you write a single word. The reactions you get will give you an idea if your content will be a hit or a flop.