5 Essential Content Marketing Metrics You Need to be Tracking

Whenever you start a new exercise regimen to gain muscle or lose fat, how do you determine whether you are successful or not? Do you just look in the mirror? Stand on the scale a few times a week? Occasionally take body fat measurements? Well, if you are smart you will do all three. The mirror does not give you any quantifiable measurements, the scale can be misleading, and your body fat does not necessarily indicate that you are achieving your ideal physique. And this principle is the same in the realm of content marketing. I know a lot of [...]

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5 Clever Facebook Advertising Secrets Used By The Pros

Have you ever thought about how the pros of the internet marketing world do it? How the accomplish so much, so quickly, with so little? I always imagined that they had Illuminati-esque meetings in dark rooms with dimly lit candles while they made sacrifices to the gods of SEO and Facebook. But looking back, I think that might be a little bit of a stretch. I think how the pros really achieve so much success, especially with Facebook advertising, is by developing a deep understanding of consumer psychology and testing everything. And while you could take this approach as well, [...]

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4 Effective Conversion Optimization Tips You Need To Try

Do you want more website traffic? Looking to make more sales? Then you need to focus on optimizing your web assets (e.g., landing page, ad copy) for conversions. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t fret. You’re not alone. Truth is, conversion optimization, landing page conversions, website conversion rate, or whatever you’d like to call it is at the heart of your digital marketing business. You can’t ignore it. When you build a sales funnel, the end goal is to increase conversions. Period. At this point, you might even be confused - not knowing where to begin. What should you [...]

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6 Useful Facebook Advertising Tips To Acquire More Customers

Are you acquiring customers from Facebook yet? If you’re not taking advantage of this powerful social media platform, don’t feel bad about it. Because you can start today. Every successful online marketer has experienced challenges, when it comes to getting new customers. Funny enough, it took me approximately 11 months to acquire my first 157 customers through Facebook advertising. That’s not good. Or is it? However, I didn’t give up. I stuck to it, read every book and blog that I could lay my hands on -  and got better at Facebook advertising. As I got better, my results skyrocketed, [...]

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10 Essential SaaS Metrics You Should Be Tracking To Grow Your Business

Running a SaaS business is a lot like hunting. If you want to succeed, you have to become a master tracker. You need to be able to pick up on the smallest details that other people would miss. You must know how to focus on tracking the right things so that you are able to find your prey. Except with business, you aren’t creeping through the forest with a rifle, silently following hoof prints for hours on end to bag your dinner. You are tracking key metrics of your business so that you can bag massive amounts of revenue. Think [...]

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6 Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tips That Can Double Your Organic Traffic

Can I be straight up with you? Organic search traffic is powerful. I grew my clients’ websites to well over 100,000 monthly visitors through SEO. See, if you truly want to attract customers, don’t ignore it. It doesn’t matter the weirdest algorithm update that Google throws at us. Search engine optimization relies heavily on creativity and capturing people’s attention. Once you’re able to understand user intent, your strategy becomes advanced, because you’ll be way ahead of your competitors who simply optimize their web pages with keywords. But that’s not all there’s to SEO. There’s more. Way more. If you’re still [...]

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7 Reasons You Need To Hire An Effective Marketing Consultant For Your Business

If I were asked to pick a theme song that describes the life of most small business owners and budding entrepreneurs, it would have to be “Go it Alone” by Beck. You see, most business owners are fiercely independent and incredibly self-reliant. And while these traits are absolutely essential to start a business, they can be incredibly damaging to your long term success. In fact, the very characteristics that helped you kill your 9-5 and become “The boss” will be the same characteristics that could lead to your company’s demise. How? Because business is not a solo sport. There will [...]

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9 Amazing SEO Tools that Will Skyrocket Your Business (#9 Especially!)

If I asked you to tell me the distance from earth to the moon (and you weren’t an astronomy nerd who already knew the answer), how would you do it? You would probably Google it right? I mean with a tool like Google sitting in your pocket, you sure as heck wouldn’t go to the local library and dig through an encyclopedia to find the answer. And yet, the “encyclopedia approach” is the equivalent of what most entrepreneurs do when it comes to SEO. Despite the hundreds of free and paid tools online that can help them to quickly and [...]

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8 Types of Facebook Ads You Should Be Using With Awesome Examples

In an ever-changing digital marketing world, your success can often depend on how you utilize customer acquisition opportunities? We all want to get traffic, make sales, and increase revenue. ...if you’re in dire need to achieve these, then you should seriously consider paid social advertising - via Facebook. No doubt, Facebook advertising is one of the best proven ways to generate website traffic and sales. For example, Gravity Defyer saw a 450% average ROI on Facebook advertising and organic traffic efforts. Facebook currently has a massive base of 1.55 billion monthly active users. As the world’s most popular social advertising [...]

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8 Effective Growth Hacking Techniques to Skyrocket the Success of Your Business

Growth hacking. I know it might sound like some sort of process that steroid pounding bodybuilders use to quickly pack on muscle. But in reality, growth hacking is one of the most powerful marketing practices in the modern world. If you learn how to leverage the power of growth hacking, you can easily scale your business, double your revenue, and become an industry leader in record time. But what in the world is growth hacking? How is it different from the plain old marketing techniques we’ve used since the Mad Men era? What are the best growth hacking practices? While [...]

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4 Proven Methods For Building A Wickedly Good Automated Sales Funnel

Tell me if this has ever happened to you before. You are killing it in business. You are landing new leads on a daily basis, closing tons of sales, and all of your marketing campaigns are generating a positive ROI. But there is a problem. You are stretched way too thin. You haven’t slept in days, you can’t remember the last time you showered, and your diet has been nothing but a steady stream of red bull and Chinese takeout. You desperately need to make the shift from working in your business to working on your business. If you don’t, [...]

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The Effective Inbound Marketing Funnel Explained (With Tools)

Inbound marketing is a dawn of a new era, a renaissance of marketing since the internet and digital age began. Is consumerism still dominating most of the world? Yes, but the methodology to get the products to them has changed. Outbound marketing is of the past, when television ads and billboards dominated the market to get the word out. 44% of mail via post isn't opened, making paper a waste of time and bad for the environment. 86% of people now record television series and skip the ads, or watch Netflix. With consumers increasingly going online to find what they [...]

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15 Types Of Powerful Lead Magnets That Convert (#2 Works REALLY well!)

More business establishments are gradually diverting their attention to areas like content marketing. Over the past few years, the competition for market automation has been growing at a significant rate. There is more demand from organizations to capture consumer email addresses. As such, businesses have improved their marketing tactics and have developed quite compelling lead magnets in attempts to have their customers provide their contact information.   What is A Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is a considerable value, offered in the form of an irresistible bribe, to a viable prospect in exchange for their email or contact information. In [...]

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9 Effective Facebook Advertising Tips For Beginners & Experienced Marketers

There are a few important factors that you need to know before you start running Facebook ads. This post will cover tips that are essential for both beginners and advanced users of the Facebook platform. These tips should be useful for those running their first campaigns as well as even more experienced users needing a fresh perspective on some Facebook advertising tips.   Facebook Advertising Tips for Beginners Use A Big Pool For Your Audience Many Facebook experts recommend that you start small when implementing your first campaign. They'll usually recommend a modest number of approximately 1,000 people as your [...]

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6 Steps To Build A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is no longer optional. You simply can't build a successful and growing business without a strong brand presence online. There are too many potential customers who find their products and services online to pass up. In addition, digital marketing is different enough from traditional marketing that it requires its own strategy, even though many of the core goals are the same. In this post, we'll run down six important steps to guide you through the process of creating a digital marketing strategy that uses key concepts to grow your business. Some of the important themes in this set [...]

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