ClickFunnels vs LeadPages: Which is Best For You (No B.S. Review)

Am I in love with Clickfunnels or LeadPages? Well, the answer is both. But I don’t want to be biased in this review, so I’m simply going to show you the pros and cons of each solution. After reading this review, you should be able to choose the one that will work for you. In September of 2014 when Russell Brunson (author of “Dotcom Secrets”) launched Clickfunnels, a lot of people thought they had seen all there’s to landing page and web page builders. But were they wrong? Maybe. Before we delve into the core of these two powerful solutions, [...]

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The Definitive Guide To Effective Sales Funnels (Start To Finish)

You have been thinking of starting a company, or have already started one with a bit of success, or maybe started one only to fail and are now looking to do research on successful ventures to try again. If you are in any of these categories, you have a lot of fearlessness and determination, great qualities that will help you on the journey to success. But you also need practical advice, tried and true systems that will help you generate the revenue you are hoping to. This is where the sales funnel comes in. You might already know what a [...]

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9 Content Marketing Courses You Need To Take

Content marketing is the new #1 channel for companies that are in competitive spaces and just can't afford the customer acquisition cost that comes with Google AdWords. Content marketing isn't just about putting out great content, it's a way for companies to take a share of organic traffic and turn that traffic into customers. Content marketing these days encompasses SEO, conversion optimization, influencer marketing and social media marketing. All of those skill sets now intertwine into what most refer to as content marketing. Fortunately, there are a TON of great courses out there to help a business owner, marketer or [...]

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How To Get Started Guest Posting from Scratch

As a beginner to content marketing one of the best ways to market a blog or website is to guest post. It is a great way to build traffic and to grown an audience especially if you don’t have enough money to advertise, promote or distribute your work out to thousands upon thousands of people via social media, search engine advertising or the many other methods. It is something a lot of bloggers do and over at Process Street we written roughly around 100 guest posts in the past year in an attempt to build our blog, all whilst we [...]

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11 Sales Funnel Software To Build, Manage & Optimize Your Funnel

We deal with a lot of tech savvy folks every day that are absolutely lost when it comes to building a sales funnel. Often times they just don’t know where to get started or what tools to use. I’m going to walk you through the 11 tools we use most often when planning, building, managing or optimizing sales funnels for our customers. Let’s dive in! Planning xDiagram xDiagram is a great tool that we use to create wireframes of how our funnels should flow. We use it to map out what element goes where and how everything connects. Think of it like [...]

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What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is an ideal sequence of events that you take someone through to go from a cold traffic visitor into a repeat customer. It's the ultimate way you can automate hyper personalized, behavior driven messages and events at scale. Send thousands of emails as if they were written from scratch personally to drive your leads and prospects towards the path of becoming a customer. Typically that path to becoming a customer looks like this: Cold Traffic To Warm Traffic First you’ll warm them up, taking them from cold traffic to warm traffic. Usually this is through an article, [...]

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8 Easy Ways To Get Your First 1,000 Users Into Your SaaS

Growing your startup carries a similar principle to growing your net worth. The first million is the hardest. What about your first 1,000? For founders without a marketing background, it can be a massive struggle to get to that first 1,000 user milestone. After giving advice to over 100 bootstrapped founders on Reddit over the last 6 months, I decided to compile the big eight, common elements I found that really pushed the needle for those founders.   #1. Startup List Sites Betalist, ProductHunt, HackerNews and many others are available for you to freely post your SaaS product and promote [...]

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What Is Marketing Automation

When you are running a business online, you really want to make sure that you get ALL the benefits that you can. In order to do this, you might start looking online for different techniques and tactics than the usual ones. One technique or term that you may have run into is called Marketing Automation. What exactly does this mean? What are the benefits of marketing automation? Do you have to be some huge company to take advantage of it or can anyone do it? I'll answer these and more questions for you, let's dive in!   What Is Marketing [...]

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Realtors

More and more these days businesses, as well as individuals such as Real Estate agents have started to use Facebook as a way to connect with potential buyers, as well as get leads, engage in conversations with people, and foster business relationships with other people in the same niche. However, if you are finding this difficult to keep up with or you aren’t seeing any results, you might feel like you are doing something wrong or you might just feel like giving up altogether. If you want to properly find new followers, get more likes to your fan page, market [...]

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The Simple 5-Step Content Marketing Funnel

ROI driven content marketing is all about driving organic traffic to your website and converting that traffic into customers or leads. If you're not seeing that conversion from traffic into leads or customers take place, you're either missing a key piece of your content marketing funnel - or you just don't have one in place at all! Let me show you a simple 5-step content marketing funnel you can implement to get the process rolling.   Step 1: Set Up Your Fundamentals CREATE OPT-IN POINTS You can create opt-in points on your blog or website through resources like Opt In Monster [...]

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What Is Content Marketing?

When you have a business online; whether you are a company, a business, a corporation or simply a freelancer looking to make an income, marketing, in general, is an important aspect to your success. But what about content marketing? Is content marketing still important? Can it help you reach the goals you want to? These are the types of things we will be discussing below. What Is Content Marketing? In the simplest of terms, content marketing is the creation of content and other sorts of media and then publishing and sharing that content in order to get new customers as [...]

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Five Facebook Ad Strategies That Get You The Most Bang For Your Advertising Buck

In marketing it is vital that you stay on top of the latest tips and strategies, keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry. That is how you keep your edge – and edge out your competition. Things move fast in this world, though. It’s easy to get left behind. Digital devices are dominating and there’s no going back. All you have to do is look at the stats for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015. On Black Friday consumers flooded retailers to snatch up some great deals – to the tune of a record $2.74 billion. The following [...]

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4 Sales Funnel Examples You Can Learn From

Featured image courtesy of: Without a sales funnel, you’re sending leads to an empty street. On the other hand, a leaky sales funnel allows qualified leads to pass through it, but they’ll not convert. How pathetic! Most online marketers are completely lost when it comes to sales funnel management. To a large extent, it may be the reason why they struggle to convert leads into customers. According to PureB2B, “75% of leads don’t lead to sales, largely due to a lack of nurturing.” I’ve been driving traffic to my sites and several of my clients’ websites. What I’ve discovered in [...]

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5 Content Marketing Hacks That Generate More Leads

More leads. More sales. That’s what every business owner wants, right? By now, you’re already familiar with growth hacking. Thanks to Sean Ellis, a startup entrepreneur who introduced this concept that helps turn simple ideas into techniques that result in a fast-paced growth. Now, let’s bring it home. Growth hacking is basically used to increase user base. For example, if you just launched a new niche-specific social network, one of the challenges that you’ll face is getting new people to sign up. That’s where growth hacking comes in. But what if you want to use content to generate leads, is [...]

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Growth Hacking 101: Cómo activar Crecimiento en sus negocios SaaS

"Un growth hacker es una persona cuyo objetivo verdadero es el crecimiento", Sean Ellis. Como growth hacker, cuando implementas una técnica o utilizas una herramienta de growth hacking para encabezar un plan, debe ser impulsado por tu deseo de crecimiento. Para el crecimiento de tu startup o negocio de software, tienes que estar más cerca de tu público. Entra en la conversación. Posiciónate donde estén tus clientes ideales. Esa es la regla n.º 2 para sobrevivir en cualquier negocio, ya sea en línea o sin conexión. A través de hacks definidos y destinados a activar el crecimiento de tu negocio [...]

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