Tell me if this has ever happened to you before.

You are killing it in business.

You are landing new leads on a daily basis, closing tons of sales, and all of your marketing campaigns are generating a positive ROI.

But there is a problem.

You are stretched way too thin.

You haven’t slept in days, you can’t remember the last time you showered, and your diet has been nothing but a steady stream of red bull and Chinese takeout.

You desperately need to make the shift from working in your business to working on your business.

If you don’t, you might go insane.

But how do you do this?

How can you start to generate revenue without having to invest your whole life into your company?

The simple answer?

By building an automated sales funnel that generates income no matter where you are or what you are doing.

I know this may sound like a pipe dream.

But it’s not.

And I am about to show you how you can do this by following a tried and tested template used by countless successful entrepreneurs.

But first, we need to address a couple of things.


What in the world is a sales funnel?

Simply put, a sales funnel is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s where you funnel your leads through your various free and paid offers until they purchase your most expensive, big ticket product or service.

Most sales funnels look something like this.

  1. Read Magnet
  2. Lead Magnet
  3. Intro Offer
  4. Core Offer

While the exact format may change business to business, the general principles remain the same no matter what your niche.


1. Read Magnet

Before we settle on an exact definition of “lead magnet”, I have to give props to the folks over at for coming up with this killer phrase.

Now that credit has been given where it is due, let’s dive in.

If you want to build the best sales funnel possible, then you need to make sure that you create some rapport with your audience and offer value before asking for the opt-in.

How do you do this?

By creating epic, monstrous, mind-bogglingly good content that requires no opt-in and no purchase.

First, pick one small part of the subject matter you are using for your sales funnel.

Then, unleash a storm of knowledge, detail, and experience onto the internet.

Don’t leave anything in the tank.

It doesn’t matter whether you release an epic 3,000+ word blog post, a 30 minute long YouTube video, or an hour long podcast.

Just create the best content you possibly can.

And then, get ready to market the living heck out of that content.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most epic read magnet the internet has ever seen.

You could write an article on personal finance that puts the books of Dave Ramsey, Ramit Sethi, and Tony Robbins to shame, but if no one sees it, it won’t matter.

While delving into advanced content marketing tactics is outside of the scope of this article, here are some ideas to get you on your way.

  1. Hustle the content on social media (share the content several times on several different platforms for a month or longer)
  2. Repackage the content into new mediums. E.g. Take a YouTube video and turn it into a blog post or vice versa
  3. Use your email list to market the article
  4. Use paid traffic
  5. Guest post on big blogs and include a backlink to the article

Once you have some eyeballs on your epic content, converting those eyeballs into subscribers is easy.


2. Lead Magnet

Now let’s talk about your lead magnet.

This is where you start filtering people through your sales funnel and converting them from readers to subscribers.

The key to creating an epic lead magnet is to make it something that is easily digestible and immediately usable.

Now you are probably thinking “Ok cool, so just repackage some old articles as a free ebook and I am good to go right?”


While I have nothing against ebooks when used as an introductory offer, they don’t work well as a lead magnet.

In fact, they tend to act as more of a bottleneck than a funnel.

Most people leave ebooks unread.

And even if they do crack them open, the odds of them actually finishing the ebook are slim to none.

This makes it very unlikely that they will derive any real value from your lead magnet.

Which means it is even less likely that they will feel compelled to invest money into one of your products or services.

For this reason, I personally recommend that you use an email or video mini series as your lead magnet.

These types of offers work great as lead magnets for a couple of reasons.

First of all, they offer more value to your audience since they are much more likely to actually finish the email or videos.

Second, when you are sending 5-7 emails with valuable content or links to a video, it makes it much easier to naturally plug and promote your introductory offer.

And speaking of which.


3. Introductory Offer

This is the first step to lifelong customers and automated income.

So what is an introductory offer and what are the keys to making sure that yours is absolutely epic?

An introductory offer is a low priced product that offers massive value to your customer and convinces them to invest in your core offer (coming up next).

Now with the introductory offer, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1. The goal is not to make money

Expect to break even or even lose money with your introductory offer.

The goal here is not to generate large amounts of revenue.

It’s to provide massive value to your customers so that investing in your core offer becomes a no brainer.

I recommend that you set a maximum price of $20 for your introductory offer.

2. The quality needs to be through the roof

If a customer purchases your introductory offer it likely means that they gained value from your read and lead magnets.

It is important that they gain even more value from their first purchase with your company.

Your goal should be to offer 10X the value of similar products in your industry that are selling for 10X as much.

3. Keep it congruent

You need to make sure that your introductory offer is congruent with your read magnet, lead magnet, and core offer.

For example, don’t write a read magnet on content marketing, a lead magnet on social media ads, and an introductory offer on copywriting.

Stick to one central theme throughout each of your various funnels.

So what are some examples of truly amazing introductory offers?

While you can offer just about anything, these are some of my favorites.

  • An epic ebook
  • A video course
  • A 30 minute coaching call
  • Access to an online mastermind with monthly google hangouts

If you can nail it with one of the above the introductory offers, customers will be dying to get their hands on your core offer.

And once that happens you have hit your business home run.


4. Core Offer

Now for your piece de resistance.

The core offer is how you are going to generate incredible amounts of income on autopilot and completely change your customer’s world forever.

This is the most important product or service that your company offers.

And as such, you need to remember that you have to give it 100% and then some.

Nothing held back, no punches pulled, and no playing around.

If you are charging people $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 dollars, you need to take this product seriously.

So what are some examples of common core offers?

  • A live event (like Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny)
  • A live boot camp
  • Personal coaching or consulting
  • A massive online course
  • Some sort of service (web redesign, SEO audit, or copywriting services)

Use all of the advice I have given on read magnets, lead magnets, and introductory offers in your core offer.

Make sure it’s congruent with the rest of the funnel.

Offer tremendous amounts of value (at least 10X value for the asking price).

And most importantly, make sure that your audience’s biggest struggle is not just solved, but completely eliminated… forever.

If you can do this, there are no limits to the money you can earn and the impact you can have.


How to decide what offers to include in your funnel

I know that you are eager to get out there and start creating your sales funnel right now.

But before you do that we have to address the elephant in the room.

How in the world do you decide what topics and offers you should include in your sales funnel?

Wouldn’t it suck if you invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into an epic sales funnel only to find that your audience is uninterested in what you are promoting?

That sure doesn’t sound fun to me.

So how do you make sure that this doesn’t happen?

By asking your audience what they want.

Nothing more, nothing less.

There are two easy ways that you can do this.

The first is simply to send out an email to your list with the subject line “Can you help me out?”

Then ask them what their biggest struggle is at the moment.

If you have a general idea of what struggles your audience has, I recommend you send out a multiple choice survey.

This will make it easier to track responses and will severely eliminate the clutter in your inbox.

The second way you can determine the absolute best sales funnel for your audience is a little bit more complicated, but it works flawlessly almost every time.

With this method, you will still send out the same email you sent before, but with one minor tweak.

At the end of the email tell your audience that in return for answering the survey they will get early access to a private Facebook mastermind where they will have direct access to you.

Next, once you have a large enough group (over 1,000), take the three most common struggles from the email survey and use them for a new survey within Facebook.

For example.

Let’s say that the three most common struggles your audience cited in your email survey were lead generation, sales, and content marketing.

Your Facebook post would look something like this.

What’s up team! Getting ready to create some EPIC new posts and guides for all of you! But before I get started, I wanted to know what your biggest struggle is right now?”

  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Content marketing

Once the results are in, you will know how to best serve your audience and create products that they actually want to buy.



What I love about automated sales funnels is that they are infinitely repeatable.

By building an automated sales funnel like the one I detailed above, you can cut your workload in half, generate income no matter where you are, and create financial freedom for years to come.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Well, what are you waiting for!

Go build your funnel and thank me later!

What is the most effective sales funnel you have ever built? What worked and what didn’t?