How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Do you have a content marketing strategy for your business? Do you plan to spend more on content this year than the last year? If not, you should. On average, businesses spend 28% of their total marketing budget on content marketing. There’s a reason why businesses spend so much on content marketing and why you should do the same. Content generates massive ROI. Statistics show that businesses produce 3x mores leads for every dollar spent on content marketing as compared to other marketing techniques. Your brand can’t go without a solid content marketing strategy. The guide below will show you the exact [...]

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The 11 Most Effective Content Curation Strategies

Using content curation is a fantastic strategy for bloggers and website owners that want to add more content to their site and that way increase traffic without spending countless hours writing blog posts. Content curation essentially means that you are collating content from other sources (normally around the web) and then using this in order to offer something exciting and new. Some sites are built entirely around content curation. A good example of this is Reddit, which allows users to curate content themselves in order to bring the best links from around the web to the attention of the community [...]

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18 of The Biggest Content Marketing Trends For 2017

Over 2 million blogs are posted every single day. Content marketing isn’t just a channel for the big boys anymore, it’s become a main stream channel for marketers and businesses of all sizes. But do you know what’s on the horizon for this year? Will article content rain king or will AI be taking hold in world full of automation? We asked 12 experts to tell us what they see as the rising stars in the content marketing world to help you shape your strategy for this year!   Influencer Content Marketing Brands are looking for more organic ways to [...]

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11 Awesome Sales Funnel Templates You Can Steal

A sales funnel is the collection of ideal events a lead goes through to become a prospect and then move from a prospect into a customer. That process can be made up of as little as two events: a landing page and an opt-in point – or as complex as some of the sales funnels we’ll walk through below. We’ve compiled for you 11 sales funnel templates that you can steal, customize and deploy in a matter of minutes. All of these funnels can actually be copied into your own ClickFunnels account and used right away. You’ll just have to swap [...]

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14 Best Mobile App Development Companies You Should Know About

Can one powerful mobile app can grow your business? Sure it can, especially if it’s powerful. Years ago, if you found an app development company, you’ll have to pay through your nose. You’ll also need a thick skin, because you’ll have to wait for months to have your app ready. But the times have changed. Right now, there are thousands of mobile app development companies around you. The only challenge lies with making a wise choice. In this in-depth article, I’ll show you the best of the best if you’re looking to create functional apps to generate leads for your business, [...]

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15 Powerful Growth Hacking Strategies You Should Try

Brands are using growth hacking for a reason, and that reason hasn’t changed. Growth hacking, with all of the noise out there, is one of the proven ways to grow your user base, increase sales, and gain brand visibility online. Are you aware that Instagram hacked its way to one million active users in just 2 months? Imagine copying and tweaking Instagram’s strategy and then applying it to your business. Growth hacking is the technique of using marketing channels, product, and other business processes to devise cost-effective and innovative growth techniques for your business. It uses marketing, data, analytics, reports, experimentation, engineering, [...]

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Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide Content marketing is the one of the highest impact forms of marketing today. You can use it to automate your lead generation and boost your sales and profits. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, and it generates more than THREE TIMES as many leads.” IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO FLOOD YOUR WEBSITE WITH MORE QUALIFIED PROSPECTS (AND WHO ISN’T?) THEN CONTENT MARKETING IS A MUST.   Content Marketing Today: How the Landscape’s Changed Early on in content marketing history, you could write low-quality articles stuffed with [...]

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18 Experts Share Their Best Content Marketing Tips

A part two follow up of the giant list of 19 effective content marketing tips we pulled together. We asked industry experts and business owners who have had success with content marketing for the #1 best tip that helped them succeed. Here's what we got from them just for you:   Jake Tully – Truck Driving Jobs @truckingultd Your Industry May Be Falliable When marketing content, don't assume your audience will take action to your call or subscribe simply on the basis that they will fall into being brand ambassadors. In other words, thinking of your target market as good [...]

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39 Useful Content Marketing Tips To Increase Your Online Sales By 73% (#8 is a golden rule)

Can you truly boost online sales by 73%? Of course you can. I share some actionable tips to guide you along the way. Content marketing isn’t a buzzword, but a powerful tool to transform an average business into a world class brand. The ultimate objective of every business is to make sales and increase revenue. The majority of B2B and B2C companies have switched from traditional marketing to embrace content marketing. Have you? A case study report by Content Marketing Institute shows that only 9% of marketers don’t make use of it, yet, and $44 billion is being thrown into content marketing. [...]

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11 Awesome Growth Hacking Examples Used By Brands You Know

Growth hacking may seem like a buzzword that’s flying around. But the truth is, it works. You may think it’s new, but a lot of businesses have been using it, and still use it to grow exponentially. Wikipedia defines growth hacking as the systematic process of experimentation and scalability throughout the business processes to identify the best ways to grow a business. The focus is “growth.” The term was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. He was working with tech startups back then and was helping them to grow their customer base. A growth hacker increases sales, improves brand awareness, [...]

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13 Simple and Powerful Blogging Tips To Grow Your Audience

If you’re a blogger, then you’re on a mission. It doesn’t matter whether you’re aware of it or not. Deep within you, you truly want people to listen to you, and trust you. Right? I’ve earned over six figure income as a blogger since 2014. And it all happened because I chose a path that I’m most passionate about - writing. What’s your approach to blogging? It wasn’t until August 2015 that I discovered this shocking truth: “There is no right or wrong approach to blogging. The approach that works for you is right.” Don’t be enticed by the next [...]

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The Ultimate List of 43 Unbelievably Useful SEO Tools

It would be the height of silliness to think we could list every single useful SEO tool on the market, but that won’t stop us from trying. Let’s phrase it another way. We might have omitted your fave tool on the list below. We’re human and everyone has different opinions. What we can promise is that you will find enough SEO power hiding amongst these 40 tools to rule the SERP universe - or at least your own little corner of it. Scrapebox As the self-proclaimed “Swiss-Army-Knife-for-SEO,” Scrapebox was originally birthed into this world as a black hat tool for [...]

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The Effective 7 Step Strategy to Become a Master Blogger

Everyone wants to blog. It’s simple, right? Just write your thoughts, hit publish, and voila! You’re a blogger. Indeed, the process of blogging is rather straightforward -- but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes consistent effort and hard work. But once mastered, blogging is one of the most powerful methods in the modern world for sharing your message with thousands of people and generating an income. It’s kind of like the Allspark from Transformers, except that instead of bringing Optimus Prime back to life, it has the power to transform your business into a traffic generating, revenue producing machine. [...]

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9 Insanely Effective Content Marketing Tools to Help Automate Your Growth

Look, I get it. You are probably sick and tired of hearing about why “content is king” and how you need to start implementing content marketing into your daily to-do list. And here’s the thing. I am sick of it too. If you are a savvy online entrepreneur in the year 2016, then you have already developed a content marketing strategy that you are executing. No one needs to tell you how important it is. While the rest of the world drones on about the importance of content marketing, I thought I would write something a little bit different. I [...]

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5 Essential Content Marketing Metrics You Need to be Tracking

Whenever you start a new exercise regimen to gain muscle or lose fat, how do you determine whether you are successful or not? Do you just look in the mirror? Stand on the scale a few times a week? Occasionally take body fat measurements? Well, if you are smart you will do all three. The mirror does not give you any quantifiable measurements, the scale can be misleading, and your body fat does not necessarily indicate that you are achieving your ideal physique. And this principle is the same in the realm of content marketing. I know a lot of [...]

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