If you advertise on Facebook, then you probably already know that Facebook itself provides you with several handy tools that allow you to track the progress and reach of your campaigns. Fortunately, there are also a few Google Chrome extensions that can provide even more valuable information and help take your Facebook ads to the next level.

Hootlet from Hootsuite


If you’re already using Hootsuite, then Hootlet is a must-have for your Chrome browser. Basically, it allows you to share content you find directly from the webpage as you search. It gives you all of the same options as the full Hootsuite application, including the ability to shorten links, create and edit messages, schedule your updates, and much more. It integrates nicely with both Facebook and Twitter, too, so it’s perfect if you like to advertise across multiple platforms.




GIFs are that happy medium that falls between a standard still picture and a full-fledged video. The right GIF can capture someone’s attention and make them stop to see what you have to say. Fortunately, instead of searching the web endlessly for just the right GIF to add to your post, you can use the Giphy extension for Chrome and search a vast database of GIFs that you can save with just a simple click or drag-and-drop directly into Facebook.

Social Analytics


Social Analytics is one of the simplest and most powerful Chrome extensions out there today. Essentially, it is nothing more than a tiny button on your browser window. Just click, and you’re presented with the number of likes, shares, and comments on any post you choose. You can use the refresh button in the browser bar to update this information, but the best part is that it also shows you the stats of every single web page you visit – not only your own. This means you can keep an eye on your competitors, too.



Have you ever wondered how influential a person or business is on Facebook? With Klout, you can find out instantly. This tool gives you a number between one and 100 to represent the influence of a social media profile, whether that profile is your own or a competitor’s. Once you have the information, you can collaborate with influencers within a particular industry, or even review their profiles to see how they’ve become so influential. It’s a very simple but very effective tool that every Facebook advertiser needs.


Whether you want to carry out some serious research or simply find existing web pages and posts to share with viewers, DrumUp is one of the simplest and most intuitive Chrome extensions out there. It understands the content you view, and it will provide you with 10 relevant articles at a time based on the content you are currently viewing. Then, you can browse through the recommendations and share the ones you like, or schedule them for sharing at a later time.

Facebook advertisers need a vast amount of information in order to remain competitive within their industries, and that’s exactly where these extensions come in. They go above and beyond the information that Facebook already provides to give you even more insight, more tools, and more information about your competitors.