Content marketing is the new #1 channel for companies that are in competitive spaces and just can’t afford the customer acquisition cost that comes with Google AdWords.

Content marketing isn’t just about putting out great content, it’s a way for companies to take a share of organic traffic and turn that traffic into customers.

Content marketing these days encompasses SEO, conversion optimization, influencer marketing and social media marketing. All of those skill sets now intertwine into what most refer to as content marketing.

Fortunately, there are a TON of great courses out there to help a business owner, marketer or entrepreneur learn how content marketing can work for them and the action steps they need to be taking.


Free Courses

#1. SEO Driven Content Marketing For Tech Companies & Entrepreneurs


Originally made to serve as an internal training tool, we build this mini course to help our clients and those with tight teams domainate the content marketing space through an SEO approach. This course aims at helping you craft and launch a content marketing strategy, that will acquire organic “buyer” traffic with little to no marketing team. It’s consumable in under 90 minutes and it’s a hand-in-hand walkthrough, meaning you can take action as you go.


#2. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification


While not entirely a course meant to focus on content marketing, HubSpots inbound certification training program takes you through all the stages of an inbound marketing funnel. From attracting visitors to closing customers, they walk you through all the stages of an inbound marketing funnel and how they’re build and managed in HubSpot.

For the aspiring content marketer, it’s also a great certification to have on hand as many content marketing focused companies work with HubSpot.

#3. QuickSprout University


QuickSprout University is a free collection of videos and tutorials created by Neil Patel around online marketing. Neil covers everything from SEO and content marketing to paid advertising and email marketing in this series of videos. It’s an ongoing collection that’s been building up for years and there’s lots and lots of gold nuggets throughout all of these videos. The best part is, he breaks up all these videos into beginner, intermediate and advanced tactics that can be used in every category. A great resource for anyone who wants to learn more, no matter the level they’re already at.


#4. Rand Fishkin – Inbound Marketing For Startups

While this video isn’t technically a course, it provides a great amount of value on how inbound marketing and content marketing collide to deliver customers without a heavy investment. Rand walks through how SEOMoz is able to absolutely kill it on SEO driven content marketing and is able to spend more acquiring customers than most tech startups as a result. He also dives into the organic growth side of organic traffic which compounds the effect.

Totally worth the 59 minutes it takes to watch even if you think you’re an expert on content marketing.


Paid Courses

#5. DigitalMarketer’s Content Marketing Mastery – $495


DM’s Content Marketing Mastery course is great because it focuses on taking you through all of the lifecycle stages of a content marketing funnel. The course takes you through:

– the top of the funnel content strategy that you need to convert cold traffic into recurring traffic
– the middle of the funnel strategy of converting that cold traffic into leads
– and the bottom of the funnel strategy that’s going to turn those leads into customers and recurring customers

DM’s course focuses a lot more on the SEO and conversion side of content marketing, which very few other courses cover. They focus on what you need to get results out of your content marketing and how that’s achieved every step of the way.


#6. Content Marketing Institute – $995/Year


Content Marketing Institute crafted a program to bring you content from the leaders in the content marketing space – all in one nicely designed cirriculum. It’s over 30 hours of great content aimed at enterprise and large scale content marketers. A big focus is around persona based content marketing, story telling and brand building through content marketing. I wouldn’t recommend it for the scrappy startup it needs a boost in traffic or revenue, but it’s great if you’re in the enterprise space and need to deal with multiple product representation or big audience appeal.


#7. MarketingProfs U – Content Marketing Crash Course – $595


For those just getting started in the area of content marketing, the content marketing crash course is a great start. It focuses on delivering easy to implement techniques, that you can begin using right after watching the course. The course also focuses on a lot of the facts and figures of content marketing that allow you to be able to explain internally why you need more content, not less.


#8. SimpliLearn – Content Marketing Foundations – $99


Part one of a two part series (next one is below) on content marketing. This course goes through the foundations of content marketing, understanding metrics, measuring metrics, creating a playbook and all of the great fundamental requirements to building a scalabe and sustainable content markeitng strategy. It’s a must watch for anyone who doesn’t know the strategy and foundation behind making content marketing scale. It’s made to be paired with the below course to take it from foundations, strategy and management of a campaign to action steps.


#9. SimpliLearn – Advanced Content Markeitng Certification Training – $299


This is part two of the series that dives into the actionable information, with examples, of how to execute on a content marketing strategy. Great if you’ve only ever heard the strategy and foundation behind content.

A lot of the focus here is on integrating other elements of marketing into your content markeitng efforts to amplify the effect. Like turning to influencer markeitng to drive better distribution or social media marketing to cultivate a community around your content. The course then walks through proven methods and systems to help you utilize each amplification strategy. A very all in one course that can do wonders for the budding B2B content marketer.


Think we missed one? Comment below with courses or resources you absolutely love for your content marketing information!