Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Content marketing is the one of the highest impact forms of marketing today. You can use it to automate your lead generation and boost your sales and profits.

In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, and it generates more than THREE TIMES as many leads.”



Content Marketing Today: How the Landscape’s Changed

Early on in content marketing history, you could write low-quality articles stuffed with the keywords you wanted to rank for, spam some websites, and still get on the first page of Google.

But there’s no way you can get away with that today. Nowadays, people online are looking for a real, human connection with other people like them.

So when they see generic content that’s clearly trying to sell them something, they close it and look for content that excites them and/or helps them solve their problems.

According to world-renowned marketing expert and entrepreneur Neil Patel, content marketing leaders get 7.8 times MORE website traffic than other business owners.

For instance, Search Engine Journal gets 1,000,000+ unique visitors each and every month… all from publishing quality content their customers really want.


Why is Content so Effective?

Quality content connects with people on a deep, emotional level. It helps them solve their problems and gives them a different perspective on life.

Content allows you to develop a long-lasting relationship with your ideal customers and position yourself as THE authority in your market and niche.

Now, writing quality articles and getting qualified prospects to read them is difficult. But when you have an effective content marketing strategy in place, the rewards are endless. In fact, you can:

  • Flood your website with tons of qualified prospects
  • Get a huge boost in your sales, revenue, and bottom line
  • Rank high on Google for keywords related to your business
  • And a whole lot more exciting benefits, which you’ll find in…



The Ultimate List of Proven Content Marketing Resources





The Fundamentals of Content Marketing

If you’re feeling skeptical about whether or not content marketing is right for you, consider that 73% of major organizations use some form of content marketing.

Now, the majority of businesses around the world aren’t just spending money on content marketing becauses it’s popular.

They use it because it WORKS.

It automates their lead generation and significantly increases their sales and profits. And you can implement these strategies in your business too.

If you’re new to content marketing – or you’re just looking to brush up on your marketing skills –  these resources will show you exactly how to get started.

You’ll learn what content marketing is, and why it’s critical to use in your business if you want to succeed in today’s competitive online market.





How to Craft a Profitable Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to reap the dividends of content marketing, you need to dedicate adequate time to content creation.” – Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.  

According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content EVERY day.

Why do they go to all this trouble?

When you create content daily, you’re essentially building lead magnets that attract qualified prospects on a constant basis, and convert them into customers.

And over time, you’ll build a massive list of content (such as books, articles, and interviews) that position YOU as the expert in your niche and market.

With these resources, you’ll learn how to create a profitable content marketing strategy that helps you build a list of dedicated customers and fans.





How to Create Epic Content (with Templates)

You don’t have to be a great writer to create content that engages your readers and converts them into customers, repeat customers, and eventually dedicated customers and fans.

When you have PROVEN writing templates and formulas for coming up with tons of profitable ideas… you can easily bang out articles in an afternoon.

Writing becomes simple, quick and painless.

In fact, since I’ve been using the resources below, my life’s become so much easier. In just 90 days I’ve DOUBLED my sales and profits with half the work.

If you want to create profitable articles that rank in the first 5 spots on Google, here are some effective strategies and templates to get you started.





How to Get Qualified Prospects and Buyers

If you want to create a profitable content marketing strategy,  you need a system in place for getting qualified leads and buyers to read and share your content.

You can’t just post your content and expect people to read it.

You need to find out where your prospects hang out online, and show them how your content can help them solve their problems or enhance their life in some way.

Just like YOU, people are looking out for their best interests. They don’t want to waste time or money on ANYTHING that won’t make their life better.

These resources will give you the strategies you need to find your ideal customers and keep them coming back over and over again… without spending tons of money on ads.





How To Convert Leads Into Dedicated Customers

Once you’ve got leads to your website, you need a system in place to convert to those leads into customers, repeat customers, and eventually lifelong customers and fans.

To do this, you need to write persuasive content that connects with people on a deep, emotional level. You want to make an impression and really stand out in their minds.

With these resources, you’ll learn the step-by-step tools and strategies you need to write content that converts cold traffic into dedicated customers and fans.





How To Outsource Content Marketing

If you want to use content marketing to get more qualified leads and boost your profits, but you don’t think you have the time, then I’ve got a simple solution for you…


When you create a team of writers you can count on, you can add a whole new stream of profits to your business. Content creation is a “hands off” process when you work with people you trust.

With these resources, you’ll learn everything you need to build an easy-to-manage content team that pumps out profitable content and boosts your sales and revenues… without the headaches.





The Content Marketing Toolkit

If you want to publish the most profitable content you possibly can, you need an effective tool-kit to make things simple for you (and possibly your team).

These resources will help you publish content that connects with your ideal customers and keeps them coming back to your website time and time again.

They’ll help you with everything from target market research and SEO research to email marketing and outsourcing content creation.



  • QuoraA great forum where tons of business owners and entrepreneurs hang out and answer questions related to all sorts of topics (business, self-help, health and much more).
  • RedditA forum where people discuss all sorts of topics, anything from the Paleo diet to frugal living to internet marketing. Reddit has it all.
  • TwitterA social media platform that allows you to “tweet” 140 character sentences and attract your ideal customers to your website.
  • TrendSpottr – TrendSpottr detects accelerating trends with high viral potential and market impact from Twitter and other data sources, hours (or days) before they’ve become “popular” and reached mainstream awareness.
  • Inbound – Inbound allows you to create your own personal feed with the best people, discussions, and ideas.
  • Alltop – Alltop collects the headlines from the latest stories on the best sites and blogs on a given topic. It’s a great place to do your target market research.
  • BuzzSumo – This tool is amazing for finding the Influencers in your market and identifying what content that’s ranking high on Google.
  • UdemyAn online platform with tons of courses in everything from computer programming to health and cooking.

SEO Research

  • Ahrefs – Ahrefs allows you to track your backlinks, keywords, and brand mentions… and know how well your competitors are doing online.
  • SEMRush – SEMRush gives you insights into your competitors strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search and link building.

Content Marketing & Promotion

  • Quuu Promote – Quuu helps you automate part of your social media marketing effort. They help you find great content so you don’t have to.
  • BufferApp – With BufferApp you can schedule, publish, and analyze all your social media posts in one place, and save yourself tons of time.
  • Outbrain – Outbrain recommends your content on the web’s largest and most respected media properties, including CNN, People and ESPN.
  • Revcontent – Revcontent is the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network, powering over 250 billion recommendations every month.
  • Gemini – Target, reach, and engage your audience to drive measurable actions and conversations with Yahoo Gemini search and native advertising solutions.
  • StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is a discovery engine of entertainment that recommends art, humor, fashion, sports, technology and just about every topic you can think of.

Email Marketing

  • ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign allows you to send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.
  • MailChimp – MailChimp’s features and integrations allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.
  • ConvertKit – ConvertKit offers flexible opt-in forms that can go anywhere on your site, and help you grow your list as quickly as possible.
  • HubSpot – HubSpot has tools for social media, content management, web analytics, landing pages, and SEO. They host user group conferences, and offer inbound marketing and HubSpot certification programs.
  • – Drip allows you to trigger an email, campaign or tag based on any action a user takes, be it expressing interest in a topic, downloading a sample chapter of your book, starting a trial of your software, or viewing your upgrade page.


  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.
  • MixPanel – MixPanel allows you to learn how people use your mobile app with the world’s most advanced mobile & web analytics.
  • Sumall – SumAll lets you to connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Google Analytics, so you can analyze (and organize) data from them.
  • Hotjar – Hotjar helps you understand your web and mobile site visitors better, so you can find your hottest opportunities for growth.

Content Management

  • CoSchedule – CoSchedule allows you to organize your entire content marketing, social media, and blog management all in one place.
  • Kapost – Kapost helps you manages your entire content marketing process, including: planning, content ideation, distribution and analytics, and a whole lot more.

Content Creation

  • ProBlogger – One of the leading marketplaces to hire bloggers to create content for you. Bloggers have an impressive and often unique range of skills to offer.
  • TextBroker – TextBroker helps you find the best writers for your project. You can choose from a pool of thousands of qualified authors, each with their own expertise.
  • Copify – Copify lets you source quality content from a network of approved writers, quickly and easily. They deliver fully proofread, formatted copy for you in 48 hours or less.
  • Scripted – Scripted another marketing place with thousands of expert writers ready to supercharge your inbound traffic with outstanding blogs, stellar white papers and more.
  • Zerys – Zerys has over 20,000 writers available for hire, 5,000 end users, 600 marketing agency users, and another 1,000 agency clients managed by agencies in our network.




The Best Content Marketing Resources

There’s no need to spend countless hours writing and editing content. Using the guides and templates below, you can create content quickly and easily.

With these resources, you’ll learn how to get inside your customer’s head and really understand what they think and feel about your products.

That way, you can publish content that’s best suited to their want and needs… and drive tons of traffic to your website practically every time you publish an article.





Proof That Content Marketing is Profitable

To show you just how effective content marketing is, I want to give you some proof of how it drives ROI in this competitive online marketplace.

For instance, Qualtrics (a thought leader of VoC solutions), used a white paper to get more customers, and they generated 2,500+ leads and $1,000,000+ in new revenue in the first 30 days.

Or consider how, ZenDesk used content marketing to get a 730% increase in deal closings with 5,000 companies…  and a 130% increase in quarter on quarter (QoQ) outbound booking.

Do you want results like this for your business too? Take a look at the resources below to see just how profitable content marketing can be for you. __________________________________________________________



Advanced Content Marketing Strategies

If you’ve already gone through the resources above – or you’re just here to brush up on your skills – these resources will give you everything you need to fine tune your marketing skill set.

For instance, in one of the articles below you’ll see how to increase your sales by 73% or more.

You’ll also get to see some “stupidly simple” hacks that will show you how to make your marketing even more profitable.

So, if you’re looking to take your marketing skills to the next level, check out some of these advanced resources below.




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