In an ever-changing digital marketing world, your success can often depend on how you utilize customer acquisition opportunities?

We all want to get traffic, make sales, and increase revenue.

…if you’re in dire need to achieve these, then you should seriously consider paid social advertising – via Facebook.

No doubt, Facebook advertising is one of the best proven ways to generate website traffic and sales.

For example, Gravity Defyer saw a 450% average ROI on Facebook advertising and organic traffic efforts.

Facebook currently has a massive base of 1.55 billion monthly active users. As the world’s most popular social advertising media channel, a lot of brands and marketers are running Facebook ad campaigns daily.

Need more evidence?

According to HubSpot, 42% of  marketers say Facebook is important to their business.


You can reach thousands of your ideal customers with Facebook advertising. More so, social media advertising is a great way for marketers to build brand awareness and drive revenue growth on a global scale.

It can be overwhelming figuring out where to start your lead generation campaign – especially when you’re just starting out.

A lot of marketers ask the question, “Is Facebook advertising going to have the biggest impact on customer acquisition?”

And my response is always in this line:

“It all depends on what level of impact you want to make!”

Social media isn’t all about connecting with friends and family members, but about solving people’s problems and building a business. In fact, recent study shows that 77% of B2C companies acquired customers from Facebook.

Making money and generating traffic on Facebook are for smart brains. Are you one of them?


Below you’ll see 8 examples of Facebook ads from different brands that produced dramatic results:


1. Facebook Image Ads

Visual content tops the chart in the Facebook algorithm.

But that’s not all. In the News Feed, visuals stand out and have the highest potential for captivating user’s mind.

According to one study, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. That being the case, using images in your Facebook ads can dazzle you.


Truly, visuals (i.e., images, videos) make Facebook stand tall above other social advertising platforms.

Take a closer look at the Snapwire’s Facebook ad copy below. Isn’t it persuasive?

I think it is.

It’s a News Feed ad with a size of 1200 x 628 pixels. The ad targets specific audience that loves images.



  • This ad uses link to advertise its offer.
  • The call-to-action is unique. It uses a persuasive copy (e.g., Shop Now) coupled with a super striking image to make it cool.
  • Images from this ad is simply “eye catching.” The image shows a happy young lady. That alone makes it more desirable to Facebook users.


2. Facebook Video Ads

Today, Facebook video consumption is multiplying geometrically. Do you know that Facebook receives over 1.4 billion video views per day?

Sure it does.

If you approach it the right way, you can grow your online business with video content.

Data from GoAnimate found that 52% of marketers name video as the type of content with the best ROI.


Yes, YouTube is king when you talk of video, but Facebook is crushing YouTube gradually. Great news for marketers.

The difference between these platforms is that YouTube was built primarily for video, so it’s a loyal community of video creators and users. Truly, it’s years ahead of Facebook’s community.

But as it stands now, Facebook video is producing staggering ROI for marketers. Forge Studios generated 113,000 views and 248 email subscribers, at $2.04 per subscriber with Facebook video ads.


I run Facebook video ads all the time, because of the results it generate. I know that visuals will always pull viewers like a magnet.

You can pixel viewers who watch some or all of your video. Users love visual content more than you can imagine.

Data from Buffer shows that 50% of people who visit Facebook daily watch at least one video a day, and uploading of video on Facebook has increased 3.6x in just one year.

Need some inspiration? See the Facebook video ad example below:


Isn’t it highly engaging?

If you want to create a compelling video ad for your brand, some of the elements that are present on the video ad are:

i).  It’s visually-appealing: The video started with a screen capture, which makes it a lot captivating.

ii).  It’s valuable: By merely watching the video, you can get exactly what you’re looking for. A lot of offers for the holidays are on the company’s website.

iii). Clear call-to-action: Does a “last-minute holiday shop” mean anything to you? It speaks to me clearly – with a nudge to go shop now.


3. Facebook Local Ads

If you want to drive relevant Facebook ad that generates traffic and sales, you must be ready to narrow your target audience. You need to collect local consumer data and use them to make decisions.


A study by VentureBeat found that the amount of data being used for targeting varied widely among email marketers, since personalization is the code of conduct.

In the same vein, personalizing your Facebook ads to appeal to local consumers is critical. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Facebook local ads might be your best shot. Because it gives you the ability to find and connect with your local audience.

Your business should never be hedged by geographical location? You can create a wave with Facebook local ad to reach local consumers.

See an example of a Facebook local ad:

It may be difficult to convince customers 500 miles away to visit your restaurant for a dinner, but when they’re around you – you don’t need to persuade much.

Sure, right on your Facebook page, your can create engaging messages for potential customers in your locality.


4. Facebook Event Ads

Another type of Facebook ad that works is the event ad. This is majorly an ad that draws users to sign up or get more attendees to your event.

Why not take advantage of Facebook’s dynamic PPC platforms and sell out your tickets.

Take a look at a Facebook event ad, specifically for the Tortuga Music Festival. It’s time-sensitive ad.

At at glance, you can see that the call-to-action refers the target visitors to the ticket purchasing page for commitment and engagement.

With event ads like the one above, you’ll reach and attract more attendees to your event.  


5. Facebook Retargeting Ads

Have you tried Facebook retargeting ads before?


If your mind isn’t made up yet, you have to know that retargeting is no longer for big brands or an option. You really need to use it to bring back lost visitors to your offers and increase conversions.

It may not be fair, but people don’t like to buy from marketers or brands the first time they see an offer. Sadly, a study by SeeWhy found that 99% of visitors won’t buy on the first visit.

They like to compare pricing, read reviews, and might even visit your landing page or website a few more times before completing an order.

Retargeting helps you reach these people. It’s the best marketing approach to handle audience that showed interest, but were discouraged along the line?

Are you going to lose them just like that?

Retarget them again and fan their interest for your offer. Just like the typical Facebook ad, a retargeting ad can appear on the News Feed, and it can be a video content.


Remember that a discouraged person today can be your “die-hard” fan tomorrow if you play your role well.

Facebook retargeting ad is all you need to win them back. Hey, this ad becomes a watch dog that follows them around till they close the sale.

Here’s an example of a Facebook retargeting ad from Jetsetter:


Retargeting ads can be deployed in so many ways. However, the most common retargeting method is aiming your ad at people who have already visited your website (usually a specific landing page), but didn’t convert.

Does it seem unfair to remarket to people who visited your website in the past, but didn’t take action? I doubt.

It’s the right marketing tactic that works in today’s highly competitive era.


6. Facebook Offer Ads

Are you aware the people love discounts and special offers?


Sure they do.

A company like Kohl’s is always running a promotional discount on its products. And they’ve been recording increased sales – especially during the holidays.


Discount removes objections associated with buying products, especially online. Once your offer is clear, you may not need epic content or a powerful design to persuade people – they’ll act accordingly.

More importantly, offering a discount can single-handedly improve your brand image – as more people take advantage of it.

One of the ways to promote your special offers is by running a Facebook Offer Ad.

Here’s a typical example:


“$10 off your first order.”

So far, 5,588 people have claimed this offer. That’s impressive if you ask me.

This type of expression provokes interest, it causes users to click. Marketing campaigns with discounts works – you should give it a shot.

Valve, a company that develops and sells video games offered a 75% discount on its product and increased sales and revenue by 1470% and 548% respectively.


There’s no additional cost for creating a Facebook offer ad. Ideally, use the Ads Manager or Power Editor to create a persuasive ad. Use a sense of urgency to draw people into your ad.

It’s clear that special offers increase conversions; it’s been well established.

However, you need to understand the psychology behind customer behavior if you decide to discount. If you discount too much or do it inappropriately, it could mar your sales and brand.


7. Facebook Page Post Engagement Ads

A Facebook ad that’s focused will make a lot of impact on the target audience. In turn, it’d build engagement and get you results.

According to a study by Simply Measured, engagement is different when measured across different types of content.


In the same vein, a Facebook page engagement ad will convert based on the type of content it contains.

Knowing the type of audience to target your engagement ad to is critical to your success. It’s a step you must consider first.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which audience will like your product?
  • What’s their age range?
  • Are they marketers, students, educationist, politicians, religious people?

A “Facebook page post engagement ad” will help you target and engage more of the right audience. You created your ad for these people, therefore engaging them with it shouldn’t be out of place.

Here’s an example of a Facebook page post engagement ad:


This ad is effective because is visually-driven. The image shows exactly what the users/customers will be getting if they act fast.  

Overall, visual content has been proven to be very effective in content promoting and display advertising. Infact, it can increase conversions by 60% within 12 months, according to report from Content Marketing Institute.


After creating your ad, the value of the image is made stronger by placing visual image under the ad. By this, customers are assured that the value of the product is worth their money.


8. Facebook Page Like Ads

How do you promote your Facebook page?

According to eMarketer, “An estimated 40 million small businesses use Facebook to promote their brand and connect with customers.

More so, data from Syncapse in 2013 revealed that 49% of people visit Facebook to support a brand they like.


Don’t relent on your quest to grow your fan base. A researcher found that the average value of a single Facebook fan is $174.

Of course, this number varies depending on the business and specific goals that brands have, but making the effort to engage users on your page is truly important.

“How do I get more fans on Facebook?” currently has way more than 2.2 Billion search results.


If you want people to like your Facebook page, you’ve got to do something about it. Don’t fold your arms and expect miracles to happen.

For a complete study, read:

50 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

A lot of special offers could help.

For example, discounts, updates, loyalty programs, incentives, free giveaways, and so on, can help you get more likes on your page.

Here’s an example of a Facebook page like ad by Jasper’s Market:


“Facebook page like ad” should be designed to closely convince and nurture the audience with reasons why they should like your page and become true fans.



Constantly promoting your brand through Facebook PPC advertising can help you reach tens if not hundreds of thousands of your ideal customers at an affordable cost.

Bear in mind though that Facebook advertising doesn’t produce overnight results. You need to be consistent. More so, don’t approach it with a half-baked approach.