Are you acquiring customers from Facebook yet?

If you’re not taking advantage of this powerful social media platform, don’t feel bad about it. Because you can start today.

Every successful online marketer has experienced challenges, when it comes to getting new customers.

Funny enough, it took me approximately 11 months to acquire my first 157 customers through Facebook advertising.

That’s not good. Or is it?

However, I didn’t give up. I stuck to it, read every book and blog that I could lay my hands on –  and got better at Facebook advertising. As I got better, my results skyrocketed, too.

Trust me, every Facebook advertising secret revolves around knowing your target audience and how best to reach them with the right offer.

If you spend adequate time studying your customers on any platform, you’ll outsmart your competitors – who don’t take pride in listening to their audience.

The frequent use of social media by internet users is an opportunity for you. It means that the small businesses and top-rated brands have been placed on the same pedestal.

That’s good news…

According to a case study reported by Wearesocial, “out of 7.395 billion population in the world, approx. 3.419 billion are using the internet out of which 66% are active on social media.


This makes it a suitable platform to reach out to a larger number of people.

The amazing thing about this is that these users have become more addicted to social media. It’s become almost impossible for people to do without it.

A case study conducted by CreditDonkey shows how addicted users are on some social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


No doubt, Facebook is the most frequently used social platform. That’s why smart marketers are now using it to acquire more customers.

You can use Facebook in a variety of ways (e.g., groups, creating ad campaigns) to reach your ideal customers.

In my own experience, placing targeted ads on Facebook is the quickest way to cut through the social noise, drive leads to your marketing funnel, and convert the leads into paying customers.

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses and solo entrepreneurs ignore Facebook advertising, because they’re being careful with their money. But you don’t have to be scared. Truth is, if you play your cards well, you’ll make more money.

Do you want more evidence?

Okay, Jon Loomer spent $297.96 on Facebook ads and generated $10,510.50 in direct revenue.

How did Jon achieve such a remarkable success through Facebook advertising? Well, prior to launching a Facebook ad campaign, he focused on building a loyal fan base.

By the time he launched his premium online course, he ran a Facebook ad targeting his loyal fans only.

You can do that too.

To help you along the way, here are 6 Facebook advertising tips you should follow if you truly want to acquire more customers:


1. Set A Definite Goal

Acquiring customers through facebook advertising can be easy if properly done. Take a quick look at this chart:


As you can see, your potential customers are already chatting away with friends, colleagues and family members. Since 46% use Facebook while shopping, what are you waiting for to run your first ad?

Come on, you know that a lot of people use the social web on a daily basis to catch up with latest happenings, both at a national and international level.

A recent statistic by Sproutsocial shows that close to 173 minutes spent on the internet is on social media. And 23% of the time spent on social media daily is spent on Facebook.


But there’s more. Data from HubSpot also reveals that 68% of B2C marketers have generated customers through Facebook.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, when you consider how much brands spent on Facebook ads in 2015.

To win at Facebook advertising, you need to set a definite goal. Hey, you can’t possibly set a goal to grow your fan page, get more sales, and increase engagement all at the same time.

Make no mistakes about it. Your goal MUST be “definite.”

If you want to grow your Fan page likes, then focus on that. If you want sales, then identify the challenges that your social audience are facing and provide answers through your ad copy/landing page.

If you want traffic to your website, when setting up your campaign, choose “Clicks to Website.” Remember that clicks to your website may not primary lead to sales.

If sales conversion or free user sign ups is what you’re after, then you’ve got to select the “Website Conversions” from the list.


Your definite goal might even be to retarget relevant content to Facebook custom audiences. This is a great way to reach people who have shown interest in your ad copy or website before.

Once your goal has been defined, it’s time to offer an irresistible lead magnet. Let’s see how that works.


2. Draw Attention With A Compelling Offer

You need a compelling offer to fuel your Facebook ad copy. There must be a lead magnet, bait, or giveaway that should draw people into your ad copy.

Again, you need to be specific with whatever offer you’re using. If it’s a call to download a mobile app, then be specific about that.  

Did you know that one of the reasons why Coca-Cola is recorded as one of the most successful business in the world is because of the specificity in its offer. When the company gives away discounts, it’s well spelt-out.


You too can draw a raving crowd to your Facebook ad and website. You can offer coupon codes, freebies, discounts codes, freemium offers, and more to your loyal customers to inspire them.

A perfect example is by Rosetta Stone – a brand that sells language learning software.


It’s almost impossible to fail when you offer discounts or coupon codes, amongst other forms of valuable offers.

Because human beings love to get a value for their time, money, or knowledge. Rewarding people is good, but it gets better when you reward your targeted customers – the end results will be influx of product sales.


3. Drive Engagement With A Controversial Facebook Ad

It’s high time you take advantage of “controversial topics” on Facebook. Trust me, it can help you drive engagement to your offers. Specifically, it could drive people to your desktop app for installs.


The word “controversial” simply means the ability to give rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advising you to step on people’s toes with your ads, but you shouldn’t stop at generic ads. Dare to write ads that are out of the ordinary. Isn’t this write up attention grabbing?


Currently, Facebook is rated the most popular social media platform with approximately 1.59 billion users a month.

I know that people use Facebook to build bridges with friends and family members. A case study by Statista confirmed that people’s utmost need for Facebook is to connect with their loved ones.


Back to the “controversial facebook ad.”

If your subject matter or topic isn’t controversial in any way, you don’t have to manipulate it. But you can turn your product from what people already knows to something that they should think about.

Tell me, is there anything fancy about an Adidas shoe?

Of course, it’s just a “shoe.”

But this Facebook ad reveals something more.


Caution: Don’t use controversy just for the sake of it. If you must use it, then make sure that you provide backup in your landing page, product page, or the product itself. You don’t want to scare your customers away.


4. Talk About Benefits More

Do you want your Facebook ad to compel people to take the right action? Then you need to clearly spell out the benefits of your offer.

Below is an explanatory example from Digital Marketer’s Facebook ad:


As you can see, the CTA is clearly pronounced in this ad. The brand went the extra mile to highlight what the audience would gain, if they “Download Swipe File.”

Don’t speed-read this section, because it’s so vital to the success of your own ad. Ask yourself this question, “why didn’t Digital Marketer (owner of the Facebook ad above) use the headline as it is without listing the benefits?”

No doubt, the ad will not be generate much success.

Though some people will still click on the ad, just by looking at the headline and CTA, but that would be nothing compared to the click-through rate the ad will record, which can be up to 365% – when the benefits are listed.


A case study conducted by Ifactory in Australia revealed that 49% of Australian consumers want product information on businesses, or brand they follow on social platform.

The two major information that that consumers want to know about your product or services are benefits and features.

Features show what the product has, while the benefits reveal what the product can do for consumers. And all consumers care about isn’t how great the product is, but what they can gain by getting it.


5. Target Your Facebook Ad To The Target Audience

Your Facebook ad isn’t for everyone. For example, this print ad is targeted at people with a collision-damaged cars. Although not a Facebook ad, but the premise is the same.

This might sound like a common advice, but you can’t imagine how many brands fall into the trap of targeting thousands of audience who don’t care about their offer.

Truth is, we’re always in a rush to get our ad campaigns live, and often forget the most vital aspect of pay per click advertising – audience targeting.

For better results, don’t target a broad audience or dwell so much on narrow audience. The best approach is to clearly define your audience – before launching your ad.


Targeting a specific audience that will inadvertently increase your conversions, you need to follow a straightforward process.

To target your post to a specific audience (Moz’s audience), click on “boost post.” Next click on “create audience” as shown below:

A new page pops up as shown below.


There you can input your target location, age bracket, sex and interest.

Don’t be overtly creative in your Facebook ads campaign. Achieving success boils down to knowing your audience – and reaching out to them.

Remember that every time someone wouldn’t click an ad, didn’t trust your offer, or has objections concerning your brand, it’s possible that you’ve ignored your audience.

Here’s what I observed:

When you target 1,000 targeted audience who truly need your offer, you’ll get better results than targeting 50,000 generic audience who doesn’t know you, believe in you, or even need your offer.


6. Customize Your Ad Headline

Once you’ve known your audience, the next most important element of your ad copy is the headline.

To acquire more customers, you need to attract them first. According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will click on your headline. If you fail at this stage, every effort will prove abortive.

You will agree with me that the first thing your audience sees in your ad is the headline. And if it’s not captivating they’re probably going to skip your ad.

More so, it’s important to make your headline captivating since human’s attention span is short (1 second shorter than that of a goldfish).


Here’s a typical example of a personal and engaging Facebook ad headline:


If you were to choose between a creative headline or clear one, which of them would you go for?

Of course, being creative is good. But a clear headline will always get more people clicking and taking action.



There you’ve it. The six Facebook advertising tips to help you acquire more customers.

It doesn’t matter the level that your business is, currently, through Facebook advertising you can reach more of your target audience and get your brand to the spotlight.

If you can spend just 30 minutes every day, to learn about Facebook audience targeting, you’ll no doubt maximize your ad spend, and build a thriving business.

As usual, I’d love to hear from you. Which specific Facebook advertising tip have you executed recently?