More and more these days businesses, as well as individuals such as Real Estate agents have started to use Facebook as a way to connect with potential buyers, as well as get leads, engage in conversations with people, and foster business relationships with other people in the same niche. However, if you are finding this difficult to keep up with or you aren’t seeing any results, you might feel like you are doing something wrong or you might just feel like giving up altogether. If you want to properly find new followers, get more likes to your fan page, market your homes and your agency better AND build relationships with people, here are a few amazing tips that you can check out. Use this is a guide or a checklist to see what things you should be doing that you are not or visa versa.

Set Up A Fan Page

Fan pages are quite different from personal pages. A personal page is what you get when you first set up your Facebook account. You can add friends, create groups and makes posts. But, a Fan Page is the real key here. With a fan page, you can get likes, you can create a business profile, you can also get interesting and important stats from the people that visit your page, like/comment/share your posts and people that like your page. Stats are always an integral part of any technique, tactic or plan. They help you figure out who you are “speaking” to and how to get them to listen… or read. Setting up a business fan page is oh so easy and yet there are still people out there that don’t do it! Here is a quick little setup on how to go about that:

1. Go to your personal page

2. Click the little “down arrow” right next to the privacy shortcuts icon

3. Click “create a page”














Once you click to create a page you will be led to another page that will ask you to choose the type of page you want to create. You can really choose whichever one you want, but it should be relevant to what you are creating the page for. The best one for a real estate agent or agency is going to be the first one “local business or place”.

For a type of business choose Real Estate, then enter in all of your information.

Once you are done doing this you have to fill out a bunch of profile information such as about us, profile pictures, you can add it to your favorites so when people visit your personal page they will see you have THIS new page as a favorite, claim your profile, verify it using your email address and search for your preferred audience.

It might seem like a lot to do, but all of this information is asked so that they can set your profile up correctly and that people can properly see who you are, what you do, where your business is, etc. Its all vital information to benefit you. Once you are finished, you will click the submit button.

Every time you want to get to this page or back to your personal profile, just click the little downward arrow again and poof, back to your personal or back to your fan page. Make sure that you fill out every single piece of information on your profile!


Facebook Marketing Tips For Professionals

Here are a few tips to get you going. Again, use this as a marketing guide or a checklist!

Update Your Cover Photo

Updating your cover photo as a business page is super easy and beneficial. Consider changing it often with new homes you have available. Beyond just being “pretty” people that like your page will see the change in their news feed and may come to take a better look at it which means they have a chance of engaging with your page.

Create Tabs

Every single fan page has a tab structure which you can customize. For example, an Author might have something like Authorgraph where he or she can digitally sign ebooks for people, they also might have another tab that features their ebooks from Amazon and a newsletter tab so people can keep up to date on new ebooks coming out. You, as a real estate agent, could put tabs such as; featured listings, reduced price homes, rent to buy homes, and more. These tabs are very easy to set up and you can even choose which ones show up immediately when someone visits your fan page. Make sure that for each “home” tab (featured homes, rent to own, reduced price) that you not only include a wordy description but images. People LOVE images!!!

Remember The 80/20 Rule

There is a known rule on Facebook, as well as a few of the other social networks that only 20% of your posts should be about your business and the other 80% should be geared towards your customers. Now think about that. The 20% can be posts on homes you have available, mortgage calculators on your website, your agency profile, etc. But, the other 80% needs to be things that break up the monotony and speak to your customers and clients. It might seem odd, but agents tend to post funny, sweet, weird, cute posts for that 80%. So essentially what you should be doing is 6-8 posts a day which mean 42 to 56 posts a week, but only mentioning your business around every 10-15 posts. In another words you don’t want to spam the heck out of your business to these followers, you want to create a free flowing, fun, interesting page. If you think this is untrue, look at two of the images that have gone viral by real estate agents:














Out of those three images, all have gone viral and yet none of them have to do with real estate, homes, houses, money, stress, worries, etc. So what does this mean? It means people have no problem with liking your page and using you sometime down the line. But, they don’t want to be bombarded with 50000000 posts about your business, your houses, how much money they sell for, where they are, your real estate profile etc the entire time. Break it up. Have some fun. Not to mention the fact that certain emotions create more shares, likes, comments, etc. Right now posts that are funny, interesting, weird, and intriguing get shared, liked and commented on the most! Also, images will get more likes and views than words.

Always Respond To Comments

It doesn’t matter if they are in French if they are one worded or if they are 2000 words long. Always reply to your commenters. That was, after all, one of the reasons you created a page, right? For engaging people, getting them interested, etc. Be respectful, quick and professional when you reply to people. Essentially you should be replying to their comments (at least in the beginning) within 30 minutes of their comment. Down the line when you start getting more likes, comments, shares, etc you can hire a page manager to comment to your fans.

Post Personal Images

When you do post images of your business try to change it up a little bit. Post a photo of yourself, a photo of your team, something funny in a house that happened, a conundrum that was humorous, etc. People want to see you as a person, bot just another faceless corporation that wants to appear perfect. You can also post pictures of families that bought homes from you.

Keep Checking Your Facebook Data!

After 100 likes on your page you will be given this amazing page full of analytics and stats that go above and beyond to help you see who visits your page. Are they men or women? Are they young or old? Are they from the US or from Australia? Do they visit any other parts of your fan page? Do they speak mostly English or Spanish? Out of the likes you have versus the people that visit your page, what are the differences between age, sex, language, etc. What was your post reach? Did you create organic views just by posting or did you pay for Facebook ads to get people to your fan page? If you paid for them to get there, what ads worked the best? Which did not? If they came there organically (on their own) where did they come from? What time did they visit? What days were the busiest days on your fan page? THIS is the gold nugget you always needed but never had. These stats, and believe me there are a lot, are going to help you figure out what you should be posting, when you should be posting, what type of media gets the most views/likes/comments. Some pages do really well with just images. Others do better with videos and other others do better with a little bit of both! You will also get to see post reactions such as a regular like, love, haha, sad, angry, etc. You can also see out of the people who viewed your page where they are from, what city they are in, what device they visited your page on and so much more. Not only should you be building your fan page posts around this information, but your ads you purchase and your marketing plan as a whole.

Use The Events Option

If you plan on having any kind of an event in your area such as an open house, you can also create events right on your fan page. Simply go to the write something area of your post, then click the event or offer button. The offers are good for people that own e-stores online and are having sales on products. However, the events option would be good for a real estate agent. Add your event photo, the name of the event, the location, what days its going to be available, as well as the time. Who will be hosting the event or co-hosting it, where they can buy tickets (if necessary), description about the event, categories for the event, keywords and more. This will then show up on your fan page wall and everyone that chooses to like your page and see your post in their news feed will see it. You can then also share a link to your personal page, to your website, to your blog and more. Its just a really nice way to create word of mouth about the event and its shareable, which in social media terms is always a good thing.

Think About Using Facebook Advertising

Personally, I think that Facebook ads CAN be very beneficial, if you know how to set it up correctly. The first thing you can actually do is create a very cheap ad and see what happens. This way you’ll know if ads are right for you and you wont waste a bunch of money in doing so. Use it as sort of like a test ad. Setting up ads within your fan page is also incredibly easy, it doesn’t take long for them to accept the ad for review and you get a bunch of stats with the ads. Lets look at how to set up an ad.

1. Go to ad creation or website promotion or page promotion

2. Ad creation is going to create sponsored ads on Facebook

3. Website promotion will get people to your website by way of ads

4. Page promotion will get you likes and views to your fan page. You can also boost a specific post as well for views, likes, comments, etc.

6. Select the type of ad you would like to create in the create an ad space. In each type of ad, there will be an objective. For example, on website clicks, you will choose your website URL that you want people to visit.

7. Click continue and then choose which page, post, website or even you want to promote. Then choose your budget. You have to buy a $5 ad, that’s the minimum. So for instance you could choose “consideration” which would be to find potential customers to visit your website, get video views, get app installs, or collect leads for your newsletter. Lets choose clicks to a website. Enter in your campaign name (only you will see this!)

8. Choose your custom audience, locations, ages, gender and, languages. You can also choose detailed targeting and connections if you want to. Here is a little example:

  • People who live in the US
  • Age 18 – 65
  • Men
  • English
  • Demographics – home – homeowners
  • Interests – business and industry – real estate
  • $5 a day for 1 day = $5.23
  • Potential Reach 52M

Reach per your ad based on amount of days and dollars spent: 730-1900 on Fb and 590-1500 on Instagram

Obviously the more money you spend or the more days the ad is live, the higher your reach is going to be. Even If you change it to 1 week it jumps up to $10 a day for 7 days; $70 for one week = 1200 – 3100 people on FB and 860 – 2300 on Instagram. But, as mentioned above earlier, just do a test ad. Try a few of the ad types out, check out your stats and base your ads on those stats and try it out, one day for $5 and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised. Down the line when you have more of a budget to spend you can start buying more ads for more money for more days. I have never tried the website clicks, but I have tried the boost a post which helped significantly as well as the promote fan page which led me to getting something like 17 likes for a $5 ad. At least the test ad can give you a better grasp on what will work with your niche and your specific audience that you have or want to have.

Try Other Techniques!

Facebook isn’t just about posting, replying to comments and buying ads. There are also other things you may want to try out:

– Create a contest or a sweepstakes for your page: You can run a contest and have the prize be just about anything. Just make sure that you allow both fans of the page and people that have not yet liked it. You can say something like comment for 1 chance to win the prize, share this post for 3 more chances, like the page for 5 chances and like this post for an additional 2 chances to win. Then throw the “tickets” of names into a hat and draw them.

– Comment on other pages as your page: Don’t spam! But, you can create general interest from other pages, by commenting noteworthy, interesting or helpful comments on other pages.

– Share posts from other pages: Find pages with 2000 or less fans and share things from their page to your page. Then, as your page, like the post they made and comment underneath it letting them know you thought the post was witty, funny, interesting, etc and tell them you shared it to your page. Chances are they will come to your page and share something from your page to theirs.

– Share post from your fan page to your personal page: This is a little heads up reminder to your friends on your personal page that you have a business page and that they should go and like it, comment on your posts and like the posts. You can also use the “invite friends” link on your fan page to invite your friends from your personal page to like your business page.

One of the biggest things to remember about Facebook or any other marketing tool for that matter is that its never a one size fits all deal. What works for you might not work for someone else. Make sure that you try out different ideas, tactics and techniques to find the ones that work the best for you, for your audience and for your business. Lastly, don’t give up! For some pages it takes months to generate views, likes and get people commenting and sharing their posts. But, like they always say, you never know what’s around the corner. If you give up, you’ll never know if you could have truly succeeded with your goals on Facebook. Make a goal to try it out, wholeheartedly for a year or two. See how many new likes you get, leads you capture and clients you build relationships with. If in the end you see very little change, maybe Facebook isn’t the social platform for you! But, you won’t know unless you try.