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… or something like that, don’t worry, the recording will be at full high definition quality so you won’t have any issues there. So we’ll just dive right in and basically what we’re going to show you today is the number one, quickest and easiest way to generate a ton of leads very quickly that can turn into patients, even more quickly for your dental practice. This will work in any niche of dentistry whether it’s cosmetic or family or pediatric whatever the case is, so we’ll just dive right in.

So let me kind of guess about your situation right now, you know, you became a dentist because you always dreamed of working 12, 14, 16 hours a day just to make a hundred grand, a couple hundred grand a year and barely ever see family or friends, is that about right? For some of you, some of you may be not so much, but this is what I found within some of the dentists that I’ve talked in the industry.

But there is a better way and what we’re going to show you over the next 20 or 30 minutes is how you can get out of that dentist rat race not spend 12 to 14 hours a day working, become a bit of an entrepreneurial dentist that has others working for you or just has a much better way of working so that you can reap the benefits of that you can spend time with friends, you can spend time with family and you can take as much vacation as you want.

So what you’re about to learn are what most dentists are currently doing, why it’s not generating new patients, basically what’s not working for them. What you’re also going to learn is the best way to generate leads that turn into patients so that you can figure out what is working and capitalize on that.

What you’re also going to learn is how you can generate four times as many leads which means four times as many patients in the next week using this exact strategy. So the real question that I want you to think about right now is if you had to generate new patients this week, what would you do? What would you do that maybe you’re already doing? How would you increase that or if you wanted to try something new what would you do? What first comes to mind?

For most dentists in most practices, the first thing that comes to mind is newspaper ads, but newspaper ads are expensive, they are out-dated, you have to continuously pay for them and quite heavy sums and typically they tend to get stale you can’t really use the same ad over and over and over.

Billboards, again, are just as expensive and they also go stale you can’t have the same billboard out there for weeks on end people are just going to start to ignore it. And TV, TV is one that I’ve seen used really often for very small practices where they spend a lot of money and get a very low ROI, it’s just super hard to track and it is crazy expensive.

Radio is another one very much like TV it’s a bit outdated, most people aren’t paying attention to radio while they’re driving and it’s very low ROI. But what I want to tell you though and I’m sure most of you are probably on Google already, but Google is the easiest, number one way for you to generate patients.

But we’re not going to talk about SEO today, SEO is great now, but what we’re going to talk about is superfast ways for you to leverage Google in order to get your patients and leads very rapidly; so how to do it cheaply, how to do it quickly, how to do it easily.

So this is why Google is king, Google is literally giving you the most red-hot leads that you can find, they are out there searching and trying to find a dentist when they come to you and they are red-hot leads that will give you a call and they are ready to become a patient today. They’ve already taken the action; they are much closer to being a patient than someone who comes in through an interruption base advertising form like billboards, or TV or even Facebook ads. They are people that are actually looking for a new dentist or looking for the service that you provide.

Now, here’s basically why you can’t ignore Google anymore if you already are, Google has 115 billion, that’s billion with a B, searches every single month. Now, this is internationally but if you look at any locale – that’s a large city – I looked at Toronto this morning there is over hundred thousand searches a month in Toronto, a city of 2.6 million people, for dentists on Google. That’s across the GTA so relatively larger size, but that just gives you a good sense of why you can’t ignore Google as well as any of the other search engines at all.

So the quickest number one way to do things, you know, SEO is great, it’s a great long-term investment, but the easiest way to generate high-quality leads, be at the top of all the keywords you’re after for all the different keywords variations you’re after make sure your location is specific, can hyper localize is Google AdWords, but not just Google AdWords Google call ads as well which will dive into in a second.

But Google AdWords, this is basically what it is, it’s three to four ads show up at the top of Google for whatever search term someone puts in, this is just what I saw last night when I searched dentist in Toronto; four decent quality ads all of which led to the home page and I’ll explain to you why that’s a bad thing in a second, but this is what it looks like. So basically the breakdown there is that you have four ads, then you have SEO, so you have organic places so these are the places around me and as you scroll down you see other dentist practices there as well.

Now, the interesting new variation and new innovation is Google call ads. So they are mobile only meaning someone that’s out there maybe they’re at their office and they’re just kind of searching for what dentist is going to be open tonight so I can go and get my teeth cleaned. They are going to be searching on mobile and the option that you have and that they have is they can call you directly from the ad, these little call buttons on the right hand side there.

Now, what that’s going to do is basically you’re going to pay per call, so you’re only paying for someone who is actually getting in touch with you, but for them it’s going to connect them directly to you so they can get in touch, they can get information and if there is a fit they’ll come into the practice.

Now, what I want to cover because this is probably… This is the meat and potatoes of exactly why most Google AdWords campaigns fail and this is the most important, there’s lots of easy ways to succeed once you know what’s going to make you fail, it’s going to be a lot easier to avoid that in the future. So the biggest number one reason why almost every single Google AdWords campaign fails or failed to produce ROI is they’re not using a landing page or they are using a really awful landing page.

Here’s a great example, so I searched dentist Toronto again this morning and out of the four here that are each paying somewhere between $3 and $6 per click, not one of them is using a landing page. They’re all paying 200- 300% more per click than they have to, they are converting 200% less of that traffic into leads and into patients, they are basically paying four times more per lead that can turn into a patient than they have to. They can easily cut that cost in half if not even, if not drop it down even lower just by using a pretty decent landing page.

Here’s an example of an awful landing page, I searched up a dentist in New York and I checked a couple of them, most of them weren’t using landing pages this is the one that was or a form of a landing page which basically has no phone number, has no call to action, has no “Contact us” link and these guys are paying US$6 per click.

So with Google’s average conversion that they claim of 1% these guys are playing $600 per lead, not per patient, but per lead and if you close one in four leads that call you, into a patient they are paying $2400 per patient. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

So the number two reason why most Google AdWords campaigns fail, horrible ads. You know, it’s not just about the landing page, the ads have to be very solid as well and with horrible ads you tend to get low conversion rates and low click through rates because people just aren’t interested in clicking through.

So here is two examples here: one of these ads is good, one of these ads is bad if you take a look little bit closer they are all using most of the good features of Google, they are putting phone numbers in the ads, one of them is showing the times that they’re open, they’re showing the address and they even are using extra site links which basically lets you drive people to specific pages on your website.

But one of these is really really bad they are really low click rate and one of these is really good, but it’s very subtle. So the top one is the bad ad and the bottom one is the good ad. The reason why the top one is bad is you basically have the sentence cut off at the top there it just says –“Dental patient reviews of …” with nothing else and there are no reviews attached to any of that.

But in the bottom ad, very concise, very short, you know, “We offer payment plans, five locations, come see us today.” And basically what this is going to do is it’s going to give you a better click through rate, it has just enough links to drive people to highly relevant landing pages, so if someone is interested in emergency dental care the link’s right there, if someone is interested in whether or not they do braces the link’s right there, if they just want to know whether they offer payment plans, that’s already in the ad.

Covers off everything that they need to know to understand whether it’s convenient, whether it’s affordable and whether they can handle emergency services.

So the number three reason why most Google AdWords campaigns fail is just bad campaign set up. This usually isn’t the case because most advertising agencies will do the set up, but that’s all that they do, they’ll just set up your campaign and they’ll let it run.

And I know this because I actually called five PPC agencies, so Google ad words agencies that deal specifically with dentists and I came to them as a dentist and said hey, I have this website and I want to advertise on Google and over the course of working with them, because I got all of them to the stage where they were running ads for me, not one of them mentioned my landing page and not one of them mentioned building a landing page, all they said was we’ll create your ads, we’ll do your keyword research, we’ll get things up and running for you and then you’ll pay us a monthly fee and the ads that they wrote were just awful, it was a horrible, horrible experience.

But the reason why all of this matters is, a good landing page can often times double or even triple the number of leads that you get, so the higher converting the page the more leads you’re going to get for the exact same amount of money. And a high converting ad basically does the exact same thing; it lowers the cost per click, doubles the potential number of clicks that come through, so for the exact same amount of spend you’re getting more traffic to your website.

Now, what that really means is if you have a high converting landing page, you have a high converting ad, you’re basically getting 200 to 300% more clicks, more leads, more patients for the exact same amount of money.

So if you think back, you know, those of you who’ve run Google ads and didn’t think that it worked or you weren’t you to get an ROI, you think back and you said okay, maybe I got one patient if I’d got four for the exact same amount of money that I spent would that have been a profitable campaign? If yes, chances are that you are missing out on one of these three elements and it’s a very easy thing to go back and fix it.

So here’s the best part, and you know we’ve run the tons of campaigns for dentist, cosmetic, invisiline everything across the board and we already know what landing pages convert and I’m going to share one with you in a second that has a really high conversion rate that you can copy.

And we also know what ads convert because we’ve tested it across hundreds of dentist, across different cities all over the world and when you have that exact combination of keywords and ad copies that work for you which only really takes two to three months of time, you will know exactly what’s going to sustain you for years to come.

So this is one of our best converting landing page templates. I know it looks old it looks a bit shabby, but this particular landing page converts one out of every four visitors that come to the page into a lead and from those leads it depends on your office in particular how many of those you convert into a patient, but these are ready to go guys, chances are you’re going to convert about one in two to, one in three into a patient. And with the average cost per click with a really good landing page like this and a really good ad copy you’re looking at between $12 and $20 to acquire a patient through Google ads.

Now, here’s what we know, so Google, it already replaced patient generation methods like Yellow Pages and TV ads and radio and all the other things out there that are more traditional and off-line, but it’s becoming even more easier to generate leads now that you have called ads, now that you have Bing gaining in traction, now that you have Facebook ads all those other things out there.

And really what it comes down to is if you haven’t been able to figure out and get Google working for you you’re a bit behind the curve, your competitors are probably taking patients left right and center that could’ve become yours, but they just simply found it more convenient to go to someone who’s already advertising out there. But I hope with some of the information I just gave you here, you’ll be able to go back and capture some of those patients and leads.

So here’s basically what your options come down to at the end of this webinar we’re going to share with you some resources that will help you out along the way as well. But the options are you can go and run Google ads and it’s going to take you about two to three months and you’re probably going to spend a couple hundred dollars if not a couple thousand dollars trying and testing and you eventually will likely figure what works.

But if you want to shortcut that entire process we have landing pages, we have ads and we have keyword sets that are already working for dentists across the US and across Canada. And with the years of testing that we’ve done, we can make that available to you, the choice is yours.

But what I want to leave you with is one kind of quick question kind of a recap here, so you know you became a dentist because you wanted to… fill in the blank there what did you want to do? Did you want to spend twelve hours a day making a couple of hundred grand a year not being able to take any vacation?

Or did you become a dentist because you wanted to be able to take that vacation that you want? You want to be able to take control of when you spend time and where you spend time? Do you want to become an entrepreneurial dentist, run a large practice with dozens of dentist working for you and be able to take off whenever you feel like and reap the benefits of that? Or do you want to be stuck in the rat race?

If you are interested we can do a free consultation and I don’t have a lot of time to answer questions, because I know there’s quite a few of you so I’ll answer as many as I can, but if you also have questions I highly recommend book a time with me for the free consultation just ask all the questions you have if you want to get answers to anything and basically we’ll learn about your practice and we’ll see if there’s a good fit. If there isn’t you know that’s fine too we’ll give you as much information as we can, if there is a good fit we’ll look at working together.

I really appreciate you guys all coming out so what I have for you are a couple of goodies, so number one is an online marketing guide for dentists and this will actually walk through multiple different ways that you can go online and capture more leads and patients and I’m just going to make that live now so you should see it in the chat box in a second.

And what I am also going to share with you is a case study about a practice who was able to go from zero to sixteen hundred new patients over the course of a year basically one hundred and thirty three new patients a month coming into their practice and what I’m going to do is…

Actually I can only show one of these at a time, so I am going to pop these links into the chat room for everyone so with that drop box link is the online marketing guide for dentists, it’s a PDF e-book you’re free to download that and the case study here is just on this other landing page here.

And the final bit there if you want to book a free consultation, you want to ask questions if we don’t have time at the end of this, just simply click on the little link in the chat box on the right and basically now you know I want to open it up to questions answer whatever I can for you, I see some messages here about the video not being clear, the recording will be crystal-clear in HD quality.

I apologize for the video quality not quite being clear, it has to do a little bit with Google Hangouts, it’s not the greatest of platforms, but I’ll definitely make sure that everybody gets a copy of the video of the webinar within the next 24 hours.

So if anybody has any questions feel free to ask them in the chat box or feel free to book a call with me and ask your questions privately if you have questions that you want answered privately.

Okay, can’t see the links. Let me add these right here. These links are kind of complicated so I will post them again so everybody who asked I’ll send the link out to you directly, but I’ll also post them here so when you get the recording of the call, you can just enter them in right from here. And the case study right here and I’ll post all three of these links again right in the chats that everybody has them just in case they can’t see them.

Some of the changes that Google made last week, basically what they did was, if no one else knows what they did, I’ll actually go back to one of the images up here, so this image right here is actually exactly how Google is going to look for you from now on. There will be no ads on the right hand side and there is a reduced amount of ads on the bottom and basically what that means is competition will be more fierce, it will be more expensive to advertise on Google and get on that first page, but basically what that means for you is in most cases a lot of these PPC agencies and a lot of the dentists who are advertising themselves don’t know to use a landing page, they don’t know that highly relevant landing pages will half the cost per click, if not more.

So the advantage that you have is because of what I just went through with you, even landing page, that’s super basic here that you can go and implement, what this is going to do is this is going to lower your cost per click which means that you can compete with them at a really big advantage.

So, while they may be paying $6 per click to get in the top four ads that show up at the top of the page, you can get away with paying $2 or $3 a click and get the exact same spot as them. So it’s not a big difference for advertisers that know the best practices or how to go out there and run ads really effectively, but for those who don’t, they are kind of getting kicked to the curb a little bit with the Google’s new update.

Thanks for the question, Calvin.

Corey, I’m located out of Toronto, I’m located in Toronto, Canada, it’s nice and snowing out here, I see a good foot of snow piling up. Whereabouts are you at? Are you from Corey? Anywhere nice and warm that isn’t here, because this is, it’s going to be a nice pleasant week being buried under snow.

Any other questions anyone else has?

Oh, Corey you’re out in Montréal. You don’t have it much better than me. I will be out there actually later this week. So I think I’m going to join you in the pain a little bit for two or three days; it’s going to be interesting.

Ah Phil, so the numbers, so I have a Skype number, the reason for it is basically a lot of my clients are in the US, I don’t want them to be paying, paying the fees for international calls, so I have a US number which is based out of a 407 area code in Orlando, and I also have a Toronto number, 647, which is based out of Toronto.

So feel free, Phil to use any of those numbers if you want to get in touch with me, but it’s basically for the benefit of my clients. You know they are based all over the world so I have numbers for out in Asia, I have numbers for out in Europe, but the 407 number is the easiest number to get in touch with me.

71° in Texas, very lucky there.

Zade, we also do web design, we do SEO and we also do paid ads. Paid ads is probably the best way that we like to start engaging with our clients. Just the reason being that if we’re able to show an effective ROI in paid ads, that’s when it makes sense to look at other services.

But when it comes down to it, you know the web design is not the biggest factor that’s going to bring you in more leads and patients; the landing page by far is the biggest factor because that’s exactly where you want to drive people to a very custom tailored experience.

But we do offer all of those services, we offer any digital marketing services needed to acquire a patients because that is the specialty. But if you’re looking for a branding type of campaign, and you’re looking to get out there and get press release and get press, we do have partner agencies that I can refer you on to.

Phil, how long have you been in business? So I have been in business with Easy Automated Sales for about twelve months now, one full year. Previous to that, I ran two marketing agencies and I also used to work in the tech industry heading up growth for number of different technology companies.

And it was basically about twelve months ago when I thought that I should really look at helping people that can’t afford to pay me six figures a year to work as their head of growth, so I came down and I basically started looking at how I can help businesses with the exact same strategies that I’m using for high-impact growth with other companies. And that’s basically how I stumbled upon working in the dentist market.

Corey, do you use any spy tools to check your competitors, what tools do you recommend? Definitely. We use a lot of different tools. The one that I would recommend that’s completely free, I highly recommend you all use it and check out what your competitors are doing, I should post it n chat here as well, it’s called the spyfu.com.

It’s by far one of the best tools that we use, it’s completely free to use to check out some of the information. And basically what it will do, it will show you on organic, what keywords your competitors are ranking for and on the paid advertising side, it will show you the advertising, the ad copy your competitors are using as well as what keywords they’re advertising on.

So if you really wanted to do some competitor analysis and you know that certain dental practices in your area are doing really well, you can leverage that tool to figure out exactly what they’re doing that’s getting them those patients and getting them those leads.

Any other questions?

Zade, it’s called the spyfu spyfu.com. It’s a very simple tool that just focuses on Google-based keyword intelligence and competitor intelligence and I’ll also send you over at direct link through chat. Great tool, absolutely free and it’s worth paying for it if you’re going to invest a lot in advertising, so if you really want to grow your practice it’s worth investing in it so you can keep track of what all your competitors are doing.

Corey, spyfu will work in Canada. It works I think anywhere in the world. We’ve done some competitor analysis across Canada, the US, the UK, Singapore, Japan, I’m not sure whether it will work anywhere else outside of that, but we’ve worked with it in those countries.

Does anyone else have any other questions?

All right. Well, we’re coming up on the thirty minute mark. And basically what I want to leave you with is do feel free to book a call with me if I wasn’t able to get to your question, I don’t see any that I didn’t get to.

But in the case where maybe you have a bit more of a sensitive question where you want to ask something that relates to the bare-bones core of your business, feel free to book a call and we can chat about that in private.

Corey, so how you can reach me after the webinar? So you should see a little box in the chat box which has a call booking link, that’s the absolute best way to get in touch with me because I do have a very packed schedule this coming week. But basically, that will let you book a twenty minute call with me at your convenience. There are slots available everywhere from 1 AM in the morning to 11 PM at night.

Outside of that, if you do want to get in touch with me by e-mail, you can e-mail me at the [email protected] and I’ll pop that in the chat as well. My response rate is not going to be as fast as if you book a call with me though simply because that gets it right in my calendar. And then that time is specifically for you.

So if no one else has any other questions, then I just be wrapping things up. A recording of the webinar will go out within the next 24 hours. I believe it should actually send out in the next twenty to thirty minutes, but in the case you don’t end up getting a recording of it by e-mail, send me a message or if you book a call with me, just let me know and I’ll make sure it gets sent out to you. But it should automatically get sent out to everybody.

All right, I appreciate you all coming and taking the time and I hope you are able to walk away with something learned here. If you need any information from the webinar that you didn’t quite get, maybe you want a larger picture of what the landing page looks like, things like that, feel free to send me an e-mail or book a call and I’ll get you those resources.

Hope everyone has a great week and a great rest of the day. Have a good one, take care.