You might believe that the best way to drive your brand’s popularity on Facebook is to buy some likes and let things happen. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Buying likes only waters down the quality of your Facebook presence, and may even reduce the number of people who see what you post. Below, you can discover a few tips and tricks to generate more likes on Facebook – the right way.

#1 – Post Engaging Content

This is by far the most important thing you can do to generate likes for your brand on Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook uses a very sophisticated algorithm to determine which posts actually generate the most consumer engagement (via comments, shares, and likes) and automatically rewards those posts with increased views. As such, if you want to generate organic likes and improve your visibility, you’ll need to post content that grabs viewers’ attention and presses them to take action. Videos, pictures, and contests are all great examples of engaging content.

#2 – Post Regularly

If you take a look at your Facebook Page Insights tab, you can quickly discover which days (and even which times of the day) your target demographic is most active on Facebook. If you make sure to post frequently, and at peak times when your audience is actually online and paying attention, then you’ll have a better chance to make an impression on the right people. According to analysis, you should post to Facebook anywhere from three times a week to once per day to see the maximum benefits.

#3 – Promote, Promote, Promote

Your Facebook page is up and running, and you’re posting engaging content at the right times on the right days. However, if people don’t know your Facebook page even exists, none of this is going to drive the visibility you need to generate likes. Make sure that you’re promoting your Facebook page everywhere. It should be on your business cards, your flyers, your blog posts, your website, and even in your emails that you send out to your leads. The more people who see it, the more likes you will inevitably get.

#4 – Use Facebook Plugins

Facebook makes it easy for you to promote your social media page anywhere on the web. The Facebook Page Plugin allows you to embed and promote your Facebook page directly on your website. What does this mean? Well, consider this: today’s consumers will likely avoid taking the time to go to the Facebook application or site to find you unless they have a reason to do so. Giving them the opportunity to like your page or share something with their friends on Facebook – all without ever leaving the company website – makes it an efficient process. In fact, there’s even a Comments plugin that will allow people to leave comments on your site via their own Facebook accounts.

When you can generate likes on Facebook organically, not only are you reaching a better and more qualified audience for your business, but you are actually improving your visibility by engaging with them and getting them involved. The tips above may take a little longer than buying 500 Facebook likes, but in this case, quality is superior to quantity.