Google Adwords Management Services To Grow Your Bottom Line

Whether your business is new to Google Adwords or you already have a campaign up and running, we can help you.

We focus on maximizing our client’s leads, revenues and ROI using hyper targeted, highly optimized ad copy that gets results.

We’ll fill your pipeline with leads, prospects and customers so you can focus on closing the deals. We guarantee that you will see increased ROI with our Google Adwords management services.

First we’ll research your market and competitors to build the keyword list we’ll use in your campaign. Next we’ll build out your campaign’s ads and landing page. Then we’ll manage and optimize both your Google Adwords campaign as well as your landing page to effectively increase your ROI rapidly.

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Our Pricing Structure

Advertising  Spend Setup Fee Monthly Management Fee
$1,000 – $2,500/month $700 $750/month
$2,501 – $5,000/month $900 $1,250/month
$5,001 – $10,000/month $1,250 $1,850/month
$10,001 – $20,000/month $1,850 $2,650/month
+$20,000/month CONTACT US CONTACT US

Services Included In Our Monthly Management Fees & Setup Fee:

New Account Build – For all new accounts, we configure all settings and complete the account build based on the data provided on the onboarding form and our research. We provide keyword research, ad copy creation, ad extension implementation all in accordance with account structure best practices.

Existing Account Analysis/Restructure – For all existing accounts, we conduct a thorough analysis of existing data and restructure the accounts as needed to promote a more profitable campaign. At our discretion, we will determine if we will use existing accounts or campaigns or if we will require a new account or campaign restructure.

Monthly Management/Optimization – Our monthly management covers all account optimizations necessary to improve the performance of your account. This includes bid management, negative keyword implementation, keyword expansion, ad copy testing and more based on an optimization schedule that matches the account budget.

Online Conversion Code Generation – We will provide all AdWords conversion codes and implementation instructions necessary for tracking online events. In order for online conversion codes to work properly, the desired event to be tracked should have a thank you/confirmation page.

Monthly Reporting – Monthly PDF reports will be available the 7th of every month for the prior calendar month. Reports will include a brief account manager analysis in addition to an executive summary reviewing spend, impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC and online conversion metrics at the account, campaign, ad and keyword level. We also provide phone call data at the account level only.

Landing Page Creation – Our landing pages are built using landing page best practices and the layout is at the discretion of our design team. We use Unbounce for all landing pages. All landing page content is to be provided by the Client. If the specific content is not provided, we will take the content directly from the existing website at our discretion. For best results, we recommend you provide us with a logo vector file, testimonials, suite of services or products, desired images, value propositions and accreditations/awards, as per our landing page request form.

NOTE: All Pricing is in US Dollars