Growth doesn’t happen by chance.

It requires a deliberate and calculated approach. If you’re a startup or a digital marketer, one of the things that can inspire you better is when you discover that your efforts are paying off.

Imagine that you met an entrepreneur at a conference and after one week, that relationship led to a $25,000 business deal. Hmn…

Would you stop meeting new people?

I doubt.

When it comes to online marketing, applying growth hacks can help you eliminate time wastage. You can explore new terrains. It all depends on you.

Every step you take can yield tremendous results, just because you’ve activated the “growth code.”

However, you can’t effectively grow your SaaS business without the right tools.

When you use growth hacking tools, it’s like you standing on the shoulder of a very successful entrepreneur and doing the same thing that made them great.

It would be hard for you to FAIL.

So without much ado, let’s explore the 5 growth hacking tools that your SaaS should be using right now.



The first lesson in marketing 101 is: “Know your audience.”


I’m sure you’re probably tired of that cliché by now. But the truth is that you can’t get ahead in your software business if you don’t know your audience. Come on, how do you communicate with those whom you don’t even know?

It’s hard.

If you want to know your audience better, and what they’re currently talking about, you need a tool like Colibri.


Colibri is a growth hacking tool that allows you to search for opportunities on social media and search engines.

In a nutshell, you get to know where your target audience is hanging out and engaging so that you can get into the conversation – and bring them back to your site.

The core advantage of using Colibri is that it helps you discover viable opportunities to diversify your traffic sources and improve SEO.

Because when you participate in relevant conversations across social media networks while targeting the right keywords, your campaigns will in turn become user friendly.

Plan starts at $95/month, but you can make use of the 14-day free trial period to learn about the tool before investing into it.


2. MixRank

Customer acquisition and retention is the lifeblood of your software business. They’re like two Siamese Twins that can’t be separated. Globally, KISSmetrics, estimated that the average value of a lost customer is $243.”

Of course, losing customers is a part of business. But it can get uncomfortable when you lose too many customers than you acquire within a specific period of time.

More so, retaining existing customers is always best for any business. According to Marketing Metrics, “the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.”

So how do you handle the challenge of acquiring new customers and retaining them at the same time?

Well, you need MixRank – a customer discovery tool.

MixRank is a growth hacking tool, because it helps you achieve a definite goal (find your next 100 customers) and get your customer list into a systematic CRM for follow up and relationship building.


With MixRank, you can easily find new customers by zeroing in on profitable and proven traffic sources and targeted leads.

The tool provides real-time intelligence and gives you deep insights into your customers’ minds.

You can also monitor your competition’s split tests and other experiments from the dashboard. This helps you see which ad copy, landing pages, and creatives are the most effective.


3. Bounce Exchange

Are people abandoning your site?

If yes, then you need to apply a growth hack to bring them back and retain them. There are several reasons why people can leave your site and never return.

According to Forrester, “11% of US consumers admit to having abandoned a site because it asked for too much information.”

Side note: A slow loading site is actually the no #1 reason why people leave your site.


Of course, you should make your site or software engaging. It should be a hotspot for deep consumer interaction – by integrating user friendly comments and reviews features.

Above all, you need the right tool to keep users from leaving. That’s where Bounce Exchange comes in.


Bounce Exchange is a growth hacking tool because it helps you unlock and harness your highest conversion revenue. This is usually achieved when each visitor to your site is treated like a King.

You don’t have to treat your customers the same way. Because they will behave differently.

One of the features of Bounce Exchange is the “Exit Intent Technology” that allows you to turn abandoning visitors into valuable customers.

Here’s an example of an Exit Pop up – reminding the customer that they have items on the cart.


If you’ve a high bounce rate, you need to start engaging with your site visitors. You can’t be disadvantaged when you start using “BE” – because you can maximize CTR by split testing your call-to-actions.


4. SessionCam

As a software developer or marketer, you want to increase conversions. Specifically, you want to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.


Well, it’s 100% possible.

But you’ve got to have the right tools that will enable you monitor your site users. If you’re in the dark, you might not know that your website visitors are clicking on your sidebar more.

To avoid giving flimsy excuses why you’re unable to increase your conversion rate, use SessionCam. Use it to:

  • Record user activity on your site
  • Understand your website visitors
  • Optimize your landing pages

As the name implies, SessionCam is a tool that allows you to seamlessly watch recordings of your site visitors (both desktop and mobile users) so that you can pinpoint areas that need tweaking, copy that needs to be rewritten, and CTA buttons that should be redesigned.


SessionCam is powerful. It’s better than most heat map tools that only shows you where your site visitors are clicking, but now how they’re clicking on those areas.

SessionCam shows you the visual and animated results. It’s more like you’re watching a video.


5. Totango

There are several growth hacking tools that allow you to drive traffic to your site, but only a handful creates the right experience for users.

Remember that customers are no longer buying products and services, but experiences.


All traffic are not the same. If you have a product to sell, you can’t afford to send website visitors who are looking for free information to your site. You need to focus on users who have commercial intent.

That’s why you need Totango.


Totango enables you to drive targeted traffic to your site and empowers users to experience your product in a unique and interesting way.

At every phase of the customer’s journey, you need to keep their zeal and interest burning. If they lose interest, your conversions will be affected.


When you use Totango, you:

  • Identify motivated prospects who are ready to buy from the average free users.
  • Get the right information to build strong rapport with your website visitors and leads

Use Totango to plan, forecast, and influence customers to renew their plans so that you can increase your revenue and build a sustainable business.



Remember that growth hacking is a broad topic. It cuts across different niches and industries. As such, the tools are endless.

That said, you should make up your mind to learn the pros and cons of each tool. Because the right tool can’t produce any tangible results for you, unless you learn how to efficiently use it.

Other tools such as VWO, Buffer, ClicktoTweet, and more are equally useful. Above all, keep learning.

Don’t start using one tool today only to abandon it tomorrow for another. It’s the quickest route to failure. Focus on the growth hacking tool that works best for you, and scale from there.

Which other vital tool did I miss out on? Share your opinions and questions in the comment box below.