What is marketing automation?

This is a way of collecting information, and triggering events based on it, in order to produce workflow that engages human touch. This has actually revolutionized how b2b businesses structure the marketing programs they plan to use. The internet-marketing world has enabled people to collect large amounts of data about customer interaction and this is actually making it hard to manage all that data.

Customer interaction

Having an online presence is no longer just about having a website, to be able to stay in the competition, there is a need to have a share of the market’s internet traffic. Then, you need to create a compelling and interesting website such that when your prospects visit your page they will linger there for a while. Of course, hanging around on your website means that they will be so engaged and busy converting. In a b2b sales automation, the sales will not happen in a shopping cart, your prospects will actually visit your page numerous times reading the content on it and watching the videos, you have put up before they decide to have an engagement with you. With this marketing automation, you can actually track everything your clients are doing from the very first click.

Automate Your Process

While the customers are lingering and checking out your site, it would be nice for you to be able to know when they check the pricing page. With b2b sales automation, you can tell who has crossed over to the pricing page and you can then ping someone on the sales team. This is a case of a warm lead and you will have the ability to make sure a sales team will follow up on it. Once you automate these processes, you will be able to eliminate human error and you will guarantee that a lead is followed up on completely. You will also be able to set up triggers that will notify you of sales, engage with managers as well as escalate untouched leads.

Beat the Competition

B2b sales automation and marketing tools are very powerful and during the adaption phase, they can actually give you a competitive advantage. Most companies might not have the hang of it and you might have power over them. Of course, you need to make sure you do a thorough research so you can build a solid program, one that will implement the b2b sales automation solution to the fullest capacity.

Marketing automation tools

With the advancement of technology as well as the marketing industry, there are numerous tools you can choose for automation. However, you will need to find one that will integrate well with the CRM. If you were considering adopting an automated marketing tool for the business, it would be in your best interest to hire a consultant so they can help you achieve the goal you are aiming for in the best way they possibly can.

For a b2b, the decision might be tough and it might take longer because there would probably be a larger budget involved but automation is an absolute must for the success of the business.