There are two legitimate ways in which you can promote your business on Facebook. You can do so organically through the content you post, or you can take the paid route and ask Facebook to deliver ads to your target demographic. Both approaches can help your business thrive in social media, and using them together is almost always the right choice.

Organic Ways to Boost Your Business

On average, there are some 1500 posts competing for a spot on any given Facebook user’s news feed. This is due to the fact that there are about 40 million active small business accounts on their platform, and that number grows each and every day. Facebook utilizes algorithms that determine which ads receive the coveted spots in these news feeds, and because the site focuses so heavily on consumer engagement, you have to get people involved with your posts to generate organic leads. Here are some great ways to boost your Facebook visibility organically:

  • Publish content that generates some kind of thought process and reaction, whether this content is designed to entertain, to teach, or just to make people think.
  • Stop automating everything. It’s easy to automatically schedule blog links and product updates, but businesses with a clear “human touch” on Facebook generate the most buzz.
  • Promote more than your products and services. In fact, according to Neil Patel, a marketing expert and webinar provider, 80% of your posts should be social in nature. The other 20% can focus on products and services you provide.
  • Include native videos that are short, powerful, and professional in nature.

Paid Ways to Boost Your Business

Facebook offers a simple, easy-to-use marketing campaign tool that, when used correctly, can help you improve your overall visibility and fan base. Not only can you promote individual posts and pay for them to appear in your demographics’ News Feeds, but you can also create a complete campaign from scratch, set a daily and monthly budget, and make changes to your demographic or campaign at any time. Although this is a non-organic method for boosting your visibility and promoting your business, it works because it truly can get people interested in what you’re offering – as long as you create your ad carefully and with consumer engagement in mind.

Putting Them Together

Facebook looks for engagement in your ads and posts, and this is what ultimately determines the number of people who see the things you post. As such, you need to balance your organic and paid campaigns properly in order to make certain that enough people are getting involved. Simply put, there is nothing at all wrong with paying for an ad campaign as long as you encourage the people who actually see your ads to engage with you and your company. After all, this is what will determine whether your Facebook page works for you or against you.

Although there is certainly a lot of focus on organic content, paid advertisements on Facebook are not always the enemy. If you choose to utilize paid ads to reach out to your demographic, make sure that the majority of your posts generate a reaction from your viewers, and you’re sure to see some amazing results.