Social media sites like Facebook are powerful marketing tools for B2B companies, yet many B2B marketers seem to forego it in favor of more traditional approaches. Below, you can discover five simple tips and tricks to use Facebook for B2B lead generation.

#1 – It’s Not Always About the Sales

There is no denying that the ultimate goal for Facebook marketing campaigns is sales. Everything you do on Facebook from a B2B perspective should ultimately be about generating leads and then converting those leads to sales. However, your ads do not always need to take a direct sales approach. For instance, there are some cases in which you might just want to spread a message far and wide, so your campaign may be about promoting shares. In other cases, you may want to encourage people to comment on your ads so you can get feedback for future campaigns.

#2 – Market Your Marketing, Not Your Product

One of the things that many sellers seem to forget is that only a fraction of the people who actually “like” their Facebook pages understand what the company sells or even what it does. What’s more, of those who do know the company, only a handful of those people actually need the company’s product or have the authority required to purchase it. This means that you should focus on marketing all of the content you create for (or link to) your Facebook account. The goal should always be to reach new people who fit your target demographic, but who are not yet involved with you on social media.

#3 – Come Up with a Content Strategy

All too often, business owners focus far too much on their unique Facebook strategies and not enough on their overall content strategies. Think of Facebook like a fulcrum upon which all of your marketing strategies rest. You will need things like blog posts, e-books, and even unique video presentations to really get your message across. If you don’t have these things, then the truth is that you have nothing interesting and unique to post on Facebook to generate interest. Each time you put up a video, publish a new blog post, or add some new product, be sure that you create a Facebook post and add links. It will generate more interest in your company and, therefore, more leads.

#4 – Vary Your Posts

You might think that every single post you put on Facebook has to generate leads, but the truth is that this simply is not the case. Your overall goal with Facebook is to generate interest in your company. Once you can do that successfully, the leads will come naturally. Think of some other ways in which you can engage with your audience. Awareness is very important, as is overall “buzz-worthiness” and even consumer engagement with likes, shares, and comments. Getting people involved gets them interested.

#5 – Don’t Forget the Pictures

According to Facebook statistics, photos generate 53% more likes than posts that do not contain photos. What’s more, HubSpot, a company that designs software for inbound marketing, recently conducted an experiment regarding click-through rates of a variety of different posts. They found that posts containing photos had a 128% higher click-through rate than those containing links or videos. This proves that emphasis on visual marketing is very important, so choose your photos for your campaigns carefully.

B2B lead generation is more than just possible on Facebook; it has the potential to become one of your most successful marketing campaigns. Just remember that you need to reach the right audience with the right kinds of posts in order to truly grab their attention.