Many businesses forget that their websites are in fact extensions of their sales teams. As a result, many crucial elements end up not being included during the design process, which has a negative effect on conversions and sales. Below are a few essential aspects that need to be included in any website in order for it to successfully convert traffic to sales.

Social Media Connections

When designing your site, you should ensure that it is as easy as possible for your content to be shared across multiple social media networks. This will enable you to increase the amount of exposure that your company or product receives, which will enable more potential leads to come your way as well. Making it easy for current customers to follow your business via social media will allow them to be kept updated when you release new products or service offerings as well.

Easy to Use E-Commerce Options

As the amount of sales being performed online continues to increase, it has become crucial to make it as easy as possible for site visitors to purchase your products. This includes making use of large, clear call to action (CTA) buttons such as ‘buy now,’ ‘check out here,’ ‘view cart’ or ‘finalize purchase.’ A great way to pick up on last-minute purchases is to consider incorporating an ‘are you sure you have everything you need in your cart?’ button. This can encourage shoppers to take another look around, and in many cases, it could result in them adding more items to their carts.

Customer Testimonials

A great way to establish credibility with site visitors is to provide visual evidence that your service or product does what it is intended to do. One of the best ways to do this is by placing testimonials on your site from existing customers who have been completely satisfied with your offerings. These can either be placed on your home page or a dedicated testimonials page, and they should be updated regularly. When adding testimonials, it is recommended that you add a headshot photo with the customer’s full name and even the city where they reside (provided that they give you permission to do so).

A Definite Opt-In Offer

Very few first time site users will make a purchase, which is why it is recommended that you have a way of collecting their information when they arrive at your site. This can be done by means of a simple form requesting their first name and an email address, as this will not only enable them to be first in line to receive news pertaining to promotions or special offers; it will provide you with an ideal way to build a lasting relationship with them.

With more business than ever being performed online these days, it is crucial to ensure that your website is serving its intended purpose. After all, it is ‘not just a website,’ – it is in fact an online salesperson that is available 24/7.