What drives your customer’s thought?

Emotion. Wants. Needs. History. Experience.

However, each of these drivers don’t occur at the same time. You should discern when a particular factor is making the decisions for your customers.

To avoid assumptions or guesswork, you need to use small business marketing software. And there are so many you can lay your hands on.

As a small business owner, there is no rule that says you can’t get big or achieve tremendous results. One of the things that will catapult you to another level in your industry is your ability to “LEVERAGE.”

When it comes to marketing, you have a lot of options to take. Yet, most people struggle to reach the right audience, generate leads to their business, and increase sales.

But these specific small business goals can be achieved when you leverage existing marketing software.

Get this: You’re in business to solve problems for your customers. These problems may come in form of questions.

If you fail to provide answers, you’ll lose customers. A study by Forrester found that, “45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly.”


You’ve got to understand that the long-term success of your business, to a large extent depends on the marketing software that you leverage.

To help you scale your small business and increase revenue, these 6 marketing software will make your life easier:


1.   GetResponse

One of the mistakes most small business owners make is neglecting an email list. Sadly, most people still make the same mistake today.

But you should understand that capturing customer’s email address isn’t supposed to be an option – it’s actually a necessity.


GetResponse is one of the small business marketing software that takes care of your ideal customers (i.e., your email subscribers). This email marketing software provides you with:

  • Email Creators: Use this to create beautiful follow up emails and newsletters.
  • Autoresponders: Create different autoresponders for your campaigns.
  • Landing Pages: This provides high-converting landing pages that make list building simple.
  • Webinars: Learn everything about email marketing from the dashboard. By the way, the GetResponse Webinars are value-packed and fun.

And because these people have indicated an interest in your offer by opting in, you can further nurture the relationship and increase revenue.

Email marketing is the best form of marketing ever. Because it deepens relationship and yields more revenue for the marketer. According to SmallBizTrends, for every $1 invested, you can earn up to $39.40 return on investment. Sounds great, right?



2.   Yesware

One of the drawbacks of using email marketing in the past is that you can’t tell exactly when your recipient (e.g., a customer) actually opened your email.

But Yesware changed all of that. If you want to know what happens after you click send on Gmail, you need to get this marketing software installed right away.



It’s easy to make decisions quickly when you send sales emails to your customers. The tool helps you track sent emails, opened emails, as well as the downloaded files. No stone is left unturned, though.

A lot of brands are seeing dramatic results using Yesware. As an example, Acquia, a CMS platform company grew their business by 20%, saw a 31% increase in reply rates, and 29% in call connect rate.


Although Yesware is free to use, but you have the option to upgrade to Yesware Pro. This gives you seamless access to greater feature that will help you connect and communicate more passionately with your customers.


3.   Optimove

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your customer, Optimove may just be the tool that you’re looking for.

Optimove is a marketing software that enables you to create insight-based interactions for your brand to engage the customers, increase their lifetime value (LV).


It capitalizes on customer metrics that matter to small business marketers such as conversion rate, churn rate, etc.

Optimove functions in a unique manner. Because it’s not only focused on acquiring customers, but on reducing churn. It’s all about nurturing your brand’s customer base.

4.   FollowerWonk

Are you ready to find, analyze, and optimize your social campaigns like a pro? Then you need FollowerWonk. This is the brainchild of Moz.


FollowerWonk is one of the powerful tools that small business entrepreneurs use to determine who has the largest followers on Twitter, and who you should follow for maximum reach.

Gianluca Fiorelli uses FollowerWonk to determine industry experts with the highest number of tweets, followers, and social authority. These information about a person is essential when running a business online.


Your social graph is important. Because depending on the service or product you sell in your business, you’ll ultimately need some form of social proof (e.g., number of Twitter followers).

So stop floating and get deeper into metrics that matter at your Twitter Analytics dashboard. Find social media influencers in your niche and connect with them. This software makes it easy.


5.   Survey Monkey

Are surveys helpful when connecting with the ideal customers?


People respond to online surveys more than other methods of data collection. According to FluidSurveys, “the average Response Rate for email surveys is 24.8%

Survey Monkey is a small business marketing software that helps you create surveys, get answers to customers’ questions, and deliver greater user experience.


Through online surveys, an Accountant increased their business revenue 10x. Because the questions evoked emotion in the recipients and they answered the questions without being biased.

No matter your business model, you’ll connect with your customers at a personal level if you send survey questions.


6. FaqFox

FaqFox is another powerful marketing software that works for both small and big businesses. It enables you to find questions your viewers and target audience are asking online, free.

All you have to do is input the keyword the question should be centered on. You should also enter sites that will provide the questions when scoured by the robot.

When you’re done with inputting the keyword and sites to scrape, go ahead and click on the “Start Searching” button.


Next, you’ll see hundreds of sites and content links that provide exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m confident that if more small business owners give adequate time to understanding this software, it can be such an amazing user data extraction portal.


There you’ve it. The 6 marketing software that will give your small business a boost. It doesn’t matter which model or niche you’re into, if you can learn how to leverage these software tools, you’ll be unstoppable.

In today’s small business world, it’s not necessarily the hardworking marketer who achieves better results, but those who take advantage of marketing automation.

Smart marketers who use customer-centered software usually achieve more results in a week than what marketers who still clings on to outdated marketing strategies and tricks will achieve in a year.

As usual, your feedback will add more meaning to the post. Which of these small business marketing software have you used to improve an aspect of your business?