Hey, there. What I’m going to show you right now is a quick and easy way for you to get new clients in the next 48 hours as a web or mobile app development company.
This is a quick and easy strategy not using SEO, not using ranking on the first page of Google type emails that you probably get spammed with all day, every day. This is using Google Ad Words; simple platform, easy to use often misused.
So what I want to show you right now is actually what some of your competitors are doing out there. So I’m just searching mobile app development in Toronto, right over here, and let’s take a look at Logi Gear.
Logi Gear. So, you know, you click through on the page, first thing that you see this isn’t a landing page, this is just some random page inside their website with lots of content, not really much in the way of a clear call to action. The first thing you see is just a bunch of these little images; it’s just too much text! This is going to overwhelm someone; they’re going to look at this and immediately say, “This website was built in the 90s. It’s not a good fit.” And go right back.
Their ad doesn’t really do much justice either. It’s, “We build your requirements, fully tested.” It’s not as convincing as some of the ones down here talking about, “No application quote. Hire experts.” Things like that. Those are going to be much more straight to the point and that’s going to get you clients.
So basically, how? How do you do that? Well, you want to have a decent ad and a decent offer out there, if you’re going to run Google Ads. You want to have a landing page that’s very targeted towards exactly what you’re offering and exactly who you want to target. And then, there’s some other set up stuff that we’ll go through.
So the first thing, the ad in the offer. So a great, great ad is mobile development, over X number of apps delivered, you have their website link right in the middle, and then your offer. “We’re expert app builders. Get a free quote.” There’s a couple in here that are really good as well: Clear Ridge Mobile. But they use this bit over here for their website, that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re going to have a headline, you want to make sure that you’re offering the biggest benefit to them, and you’re telling them why they should work with you.
In this case, if you’re telling someone, “we’ve delivered 500 mobile apps”, they know that you know what you’re doing because you’ve worked with over 500 businesses. Having just the offer of a free quote…I mean a lot of, if not every company out there is going to offer a free quote but not everybody knows that; if someone is just getting into it needs they’re thinking, “I want a mobile app for my business.” They’re not going to know that you’re offering a free quote unless they click through to your landing page, but in order to get them to get through to your landing page you have to make them want to do that which is offering the free quote.
Now, landing page; this is a great example of a landing page. You’re giving them two options to get in touch: it’s either they can call you right away and start getting a quote or they can fill out this quick for which will pre qualify them for exactly what type of client they are; whether they’re just browsing, they have a low budget doesn’t make sense or they have the budget that you need to deliver a great result for them.
This is a perfect example of exactly what a landing page should look like in this industry. This particular landing page is currently being used in a Facebook advertising in Google Advertising Campaign it’s converting at 15% and a cost per lead of $20.
Now, the set up side of things. Obviously there are some restrictions in the set up. Some of the things I’ve seen in doing research about the mobile development industry lots of people will have the location in the ad but I search for app development in Toronto, you get mobile app developers in Los Angeles or mobile app developers in Colorado. So there are some location restrictions that you should setup.
So, if you’re based in Toronto and you want to say that you’re doing mobile app development for Toronto; limit those ads to Toronto. For everyone else, have an ad that doesn’t relate to your location it just relates and what you provide and what you deliver for those clients.
And there’s lots of other things on the backend that you can do automatically; conversion and nurturing sequences but that’s kind of in the more advanced realm once you started getting leads in.
So where to from here? You know with Google Ad Words, you can have a result within 48 hours, you’ll know exactly what’s working in 48 hours. And I have some more case studies that I can show you as well if you want to see a personalized sample of exactly how this could work for you. Shoot me an email or click on this link.