SaaS marketing is some of the fastest-paced marketing in the world. In order to be successful, you’ll need to at least break even in the first few months of operation, which means that you’ll need some serious growth hacking. There are plenty of tools out there designed to help you get a handle on things immediately and enjoy the success you crave.




RocketBolt is relatively inexpensive when compared to other tools like it, and provides you with the ability to track your website hits, social media accounts, and even the emails you send to existing and potential customers. You can even get real-time alerts as soon as a lead hits your website. The social listening function is incredibly easy to use. This function allows you to monitor lead activity across sites like Facebook and Twitter, which can provide some valuable insight into your overall growth.




Autopest is still in beta development, but the truth is that it is a valuable service that can certainly help you on an immense scale. Sometimes, the leads you thought would be the first to jump on the bandwagon and buy your product become non-responsive. That’s where Autopest comes in. It was designed specifically to follow up with non-responsive leads automatically, giving you more time to focus on your marketing campaigns and your business.




Insightly is CRM software that makes it simple for you to manage your leads, contacts, companies, suppliers, vendors, and more. With it, you can remain highly organized at all times, and you can even check your email history directly through the interface. What’s more, Insightly is best known for its ability to find social media profiles that are connected to your contact’s email address, giving you even more opportunity to reach out and offer your free trials or information.




SalesLoft is cloud-based platform that offers up plenty of tools designed to make your life as a marketer and salesperson simpler. It works right alongside Salesforce, which is another cloud-based service designed to build better relationships with customers, identify new opportunities to offer software, and even find an overview of every interaction you have with each and every customer. SalesLoft comes with analytics tools, a sales dialer, and email tracking, just to name a few of the most popular features.




If you’ve ever found yourself curious as to the behavior of the visitors on your page – especially the reasons why they seem to leave as soon as they land – then CrazyEgg is the tool for you. It tells you exactly what people are doing on your website. You’ll learn where your visitors are coming from and who clicks on which section of your site the most. You can also learn how many people actually scroll down the page and where the majority of them tend to stop. Finally, it will show you the most popular aspects of your site by telling you where people click and where they don’t. You can generate reports with this information that can help you better optimize your content for your target audience.

There are literally dozens of SaaS growth hacking tools out there, and it may take some time before you find the ones that offer exactly what you need. The five mentioned above are some of the most popular among SaaS marketers, and they each play a very important role.