We deal with a lot of tech savvy folks every day that are absolutely lost when it comes to building a sales funnel. Often times they just don’t know where to get started or what tools to use.

I’m going to walk you through the 11 tools we use most often when planning, building, managing or optimizing sales funnels for our customers.

Let’s dive in!




xDiagram is a great tool that we use to create wireframes of how our funnels should flow. We use it to map out what element goes where and how everything connects. Think of it like the Balsamiq for funnel mapping. It’s a Mac only tool unfortunately, but for $12 it’s our go-to sales funnel mapping tool for almost every one of our projects.




For the more collaborative projects and for when we’re not on a Mac, we use MindMeister. While MindMeister is originally a mind mapping tool, with their project management integration, it’s a great tool to map out sales funnels as well. We often use it to plan out some of our more complex funnels that contain a lot of assets, and often require many different people to be working on it. If you’re goal was to map out your company’s funnel in a central place and work on it as a team, it should be your go-to tool.

Building The Front End Of The Sales Funnel



ClickFunnels is our preferred sales funnel building tool. Like the name suggests it’s a very intuitive sales funnel building platform requiring a few clicks to roll out a functional sales funnel.

They also upgrade their platform often to add more integrations, roll out really cool features like their survey tool and they have over 40 pre-baked templates to choose from for all sorts of purposes. If you want a tool that will be intuitive to use and make your funnel building process faster, use ClickFunnels.

You can get a 14 day free trial here and you can steal 9 of our sales funnels here.




Unbounce is another tool we use for some of our sales funnel builds. We use it because it gives you a lot of control around the look of your pages on desktop and mobile. It’s also the main tool Scott Oldford uses for his SSF method.

Now Unbounce isn’t a sales funnel building tool entirely. It’s a landing page builder that is very focused on helping you achieve high conversion rates. When you tie the pages together through links it becomes a sales funnel tool. But don’t get my wrong, it can get confusing to build a sales funnel with a landing page building tool. You have to make sure each page has the right links out to the next page and if you ever change around links you have to stay on top of that.

But starting at $49/month it is much more affordable than ClickFunnels for most people. If your plan is to get one tool to use as a landing page builder and a sales funnel builder, then I’d recommend Unbounce. ClickFunnels isn’t as great at single page landing pages.




LeadPages is much like Unbounce as they’re both landing page builders. It uses ClickFunnels style drag and drop functionality within a grid to stay as responsive as ClickFunnels. Something you won’t get with Unbounce.

It also has the lowest price point at $25/month if you’re paying annually. The reason why many people are moving to LeadPages isn’t just because of the price, it’s also that they are very WordPress friendly. WordPress, as many of you know, is not great with landing pages. It’s a real pain to build a landing page in WordPress and make it look the way you want. LeadPages is the solution for that problem. It directly integrates so you can have a seamless experience from someone going on your website to clicking off to a landing page.

Again though, it is not a sales funnel specific builder, so the same recommendation as Unbounce applies.

Sales Funnel Management



If you want an all-in-one email automation platform with a CRM and lead scoring, ActiveCampaign is your “Golden Goose”. Starting at $9/month, it’s the most affordable and powerful email automation platform out there.

It’s our go-to tool for email automation and behavioral segmentation for sales funnels. ActiveCampaign offers a great lead tracking tool for on-page tracking that can drive your segmentation beyond all of the email segmentation.

With ActiveCampagin you can go as complex or simple as you like. They also have a great marketplace full of automated sequences you can plug and play.

You can give ActiveCampaign a test drive here.




Infusionsoft is if you really want a holistic approach to tracking lead data and heavy behavior driven segmentation or lead scoring. At $199/month with a $999 starting fee, it’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But Infusionsoft is made for people who have used something like ActiveCampaign and then wanted to take their business to the next level. Infusionsoft is all about incremental improvements to lead tracking, segmentation, conversion rates, engagement rates and more.

We see lots of businesses often choose ActiveCampaign or something similar to start and then move to Infusionsoft when they scale. The issue with that is, when you have a large volume of data, you end up with a large bill to move that data without losing any.

If you know you’re going to scale, have the cash flow to make it work and know you’re going to want to squeeze every last dime out of your list – we recommend Infusionsoft. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches making the choice earlier.


ClickFunnels Actionetics


Actionetics is the behavior automation tool within ClickFunnels. It’s a natively integrated tool that allows you to automate actions like emails, SMS and more with any contacts you have within ClickFunnels. Considering it’s included at the unlimited tier price point ($297/month), if you have high traffic funnels or plan on building a lot of them – you’ll get access to it anyways.

It’s a powerful tool due to the level of granularity you can achieve with contact actions, as long as you keep it all within ClickFunnels. We use it for a lot of our personal funnels, but few client funnels. It’s a relatively new tool, but it’s getting better every week.


Sales Funnel Optimization & Metrics



HotJar is one of the fastest growing analytics and feedback tools on the market. It integrates quite a few analytics tools in one to provide more cohesive data. Some of it’s more useful features are:

  • Heatmapping
  • Screen recordings
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • Form drop off analysis
  • Feedback polls

You used to have to pay $90+/month for all the tools HotJar integrates, but HotJar can be used for free (with limitations). It almost maxes out around $89/month, so it’s really affordable.

We use it most often to understand where people are not converting into leads on forms and to understand the on-page behavior of our opt-in pages. By understanding the behavior and what people are doing on those pages, we can improve rapidly. Much faster than simple landing page AB testing.




If you’re in the B2B space and running a high scale sales funnel, Bizible is the tool you want for cohesive attribution across multiple channels. Bizible’s focus is user behavior analysis with granular advertising/marketing attribution. If you need to know where your most valuable customers are coming from, Bizible will be able to give you the exact answer you’re after.

It’s definitely not for the small scale company or entrepreneur, but if you’re spending over $250,000 on advertising or marketing , then you’re in their sweet spot.


Funnel Dash


Funnel Dash is one of the most powerful sales funnel analytics tools out there. It’s relatively new, but if you’re a data driven person, it’s 110% your type of tool. The main dash focuses on 15 key metrics you should be focusing on to scale. Metrics like:

  • Your customer value
  • Your customer acquisition cost
  • Your average click value (EPC)
  • And much more

The best part of the tool is it connects the dots for you. Showing you what optimization opportunities you should focus on to get the best ROI.

The best part of Funnel Dash is the segmentation capability they offer. You can get as granular as you want for pretty much every metric. If you want to know the channel that’s driving the highest CLTV or your EPC on leads who came into your list in November 2015, it will show it to you in a matter of clicks.

If you are already running a 6-figure a year sales funnel or more, it’s going to be a great fit for the price point. At $77/month to start ($797/month if you need enterprise integrations), it’s not the cheapest reporting tool, but it’s certainly one of the best.

If you have a funnel already, try out their Funnel Score Card Tool – it’s pretty cool!