Sales Funnel Training

How is the health of your sales funnel?

Is it leaking leads all over?

Is it not converting the way you want?

Or…does it not even exist?!

No worries! Easy Automated Sales offers funnel intensive programs aimed at helping businesses, like yours, build or optimize your sales funnel to make it convert.

The Definition of a Sales Funnel

Simply put, a sales funnel is a sales process. The first thing you learn in sales funnel training is that the term refers to the collective stages and steps of a sales process. The sales process starts when the consumer first becomes aware that you have a product or service that he or she needs. Ideally, the sales process should not end because each consumer should repeat the process when it comes time to renew the membership or buy new products and services. A strategic sales funnel can impact your lead generation numbers and create additional streams of income for you. That’s where we come in. We can help create a magic sales funnel that produces additional revenue at the end of it.

Types of Sales Funnels You May Need

Several types of sales funnels exist, and they change according to the types of products and services that an organization sells. The two-step free shipping funnel is a funnel that is set up to optimize your upgrades and your “extras” purchases. It gives your salespeople and your customer service reps several opportunities to communicate with consumers and plug additional products and services. That funnel is good for online stores that offer free shipping. The business can leverage the free shipping because it creates a neutral and impressionable mood in the customer.

The product sales funnel has different steps than the previously mentioned method. It begins with the customer being led into the sale, and it ends with a confirmation of everything the consumer ordered. The upgrade attempt occurs at step three in this process. Step two includes a sales script or presentation.

Choosing the Appropriate Sales Funnel

Choosing the appropriate sales funnel for your business is crucial. The wrong process can confuse and deter customers, especially if you don’t fine-tune your scripts. One of our experts can help you tweak your scripts until they are smooth as butter. The expert can work with you to create a several-step process that makes sense for your establishment. Personalization is our strong suit. We have years of experience working with business owners such as yourself on creating effective funnels. You can trust in our ability to assist you in meeting your goals. Help is just a phone call away.

How We Can Help

2-Day Sales Funnel Intensive

In our two day sales funnel intensive training programs, we go through all of the psychology behind the behavior and actions required to make a sales funnel convert. Then we get down to the nitty gritty and help you build a ready to convert sales funnel that you can use the day after the training program.

This program isn’t about siting in your seat for hours on end, it’s workshop style and aimed at helping you build your sales funnel, while understanding all the elements that go with it.


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Custom Sales Funnel Training

We offer customizable sales funnel training from absolute beginner to advanced master classes and everything in between.

  • Some of the topics we’ve covered in past sales funnel trainings:
  • Building a simple sales funnel
  • The psychology behind sales funnel stages
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Sales funnel hacking
  • Relevancy hacking
  • Behavioral automation
  • Dynamic response sales funnel marketing
  • Content marketing sales funnels
  • Sales funnel stacking
  • And much more!

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