A sales funnel is the collection of ideal events a lead goes through to become a prospect and then move from a prospect into a customer. That process can be made up of as little as two events: a landing page and an opt-in point – or as complex as some of the sales funnels we’ll walk through below.

We’ve compiled for you 12 sales funnel templates that you can steal, customize and deploy in a matter of minutes. All of these funnels can actually be copied into your own ClickFunnels account and used right away.

You’ll just have to swap in your own copy and images. In a matter of minutes you can have a converting sales funnel up and running.

If you don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet, you can use the link above or just click here and get a 14 day free trial. You’ll be able to play around with these funnels right after you signup.

Alternatively, if you are just getting started with sales funnels, you can either read our Sales Funnel Examples & Best Practices article or get Russell Brunson’s (the creator of ClickFunnels) book all about sales funnels from start to finish: DotCom Secrets.

Let’s dive right in!

1. The Free Book + Shipping Funnel

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Free Book Funnel

People often talk about the power of positioning and authority you can attain by having a book. I’ve written a book and it has helped with positioning in my market, however, getting eyeballs to the book is costly. The only option I had without breaking the bank was Amazon.

While Amazon is a great source of book sales, the competition is fierce.

One of the best alternatives I’ve found, is offering your e-book or book for free where the lead pays for shipping. In this case the cost of shipping also includes the bare-bones cost of the book.

This allows you to ship out thousands and thousands of books while covering all of your costs, inclusive of low-level advertising spend.

This free book offer is specifically made to generate a very large amount of leads very quickly while covering all of your basic costs. You won’t make a lot of money with the front-end offer of this funnel, but it will generate you a very large amount of leads.

From there you can allow the two other stages of the final, the one time offers, to take over and generate profit.


2. Simple Coach, Consultant & Agency Client Generating Funnel

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Coaching Funnel And Consulting Funnel

For those of you in the consulting, coaching or agency business, this funnel is a lifesaver. This funnel is meant to take someone as quickly as possible from from lead into strategy call or sales call.

This funnel is made up of four very simple steps:

Step One: Present A Valuable Offer

In step one you’re presenting a valuable offer that is directly applicable to the market they are after. In this case I’m targeting dentists, and for dentists one of the biggest problems that they had is generating new patients when they need them.

The offer in this step is a free case study and training video teaching them how to generate patient’s on-demand.

Step Two: Deliver

Step two is simply to deliver on the offer that you make. In this case I offered training video. What I deliver on the second page is a 20 minute training video that also acts as a video sales letter.

From there I leverage the attention on the video, to qualify them and then point them in the direction of the application button below.

Step Three: Application

In step three I’m trying to further qualify leads to make sure that my time on the phone won’t be wasted. I do this through a simple application form. The application takes about 10 minutes for them to complete, and consist of many questions that I would otherwise have to ask on the phone in order to qualify.

At the end of the applications they then have the option to book a call directly or wait for someone to reach out to them and tell them that they are fit.

Step Four: Call Booking

I try and avoid manual tasks as much as possible, so the cold booking and strategy session side of this funnel happens automatically. They are able to hit a page that has my calendar booking link embedded, and book a time of their choosing a son when I’m available. I also limit this to the first eight days from when they go to book. This allows me to make sure that when they book they are booking weeks in advance and will then forget.

After that it’s all about your sales process to close rate on the phone.


3. The Simple Real Estate Funnel

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Real Estate Funnel

This simple funnel was created around the simple objective of getting prospective buyers into showings. Combined with targeted Facebook ads, this funnel generated 9 private showings for an average cost per showing of $2.37 Canadian. From those 9 showings 2 offers were made and the condo was sold at full asking price.

I’ve swapped in sample details for the shared funnel, but it’s a simple and powerful funnel with a singular objective in mind. Tied with the right photography this funnel is very powerful in generating buyer appointments.


4. The Perfect Webinar Funnel

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Webinar Funnel

This funnel walks a lead through a simple webinar registration that leads right into a qualification video sequence. It’s designed to perfectly move leads through immediately available content to provide value and have them actually show up for webinars.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with webinars, you should get started. They’re a very powerful strategy to selling larger value products/services. If you want proven webinar scripts to help you start, I recommend getting Russell Brunson’s perfect webinar script and training – it’s free!

Alternatively, you can invest in their fill in the blanks script creation software Funnel Scripts. It’s the same tool I use for almost all of my funnels. It uses proven copy formulas to generate high conversion copy in minutes. Literally.


5. The Fishbowl Funnel

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The fishbowl funnel is the best example of a simple lead generation to customer funnel. You use a simple free offer on the front-end to convert traffic into leads, then use a discount offer or deal to convert that lead into a customer almost immediately.

It’s one of the most straight forward funnels that works really well for offline businesses.


6. The Real Stuff Funnel

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This funnel leverages a free sample or free offer to get leads in. From there it offers them an immediate best offer to upgrade their order. It’s proven to work very well in the fitness market where you have free trial or sample offers that can be upsold to subscriptions.


7. The Product Launch Formula Funnel

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This funnel follows the flow of the classic product launch formula method that has fueled over $400 million in online purchases.

It’s one of the highest converting methods for information products around and it works just as well with physical products. The flow is simple, it’s a video sales letter with an opt-in, followed by 4 videos where you deliver amazing value. The intricacies of what each video should contain is found in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula product. You can also find information on it in his book, Launch.


8. The Report To Tripwire Offer

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This is a very simple funnel designed to build an audience of targeted leads while covering the cost of lead generation. It starts off with a free report offer that relates directly to the market you are after. When someone opts in to get the report, they are taken to a thank you page with the report download as well as a recommended resource, directly related to the report.

If the lead clicks through to the recommended resource, they are taken to a simple sales letter to sell a tripwire product (typically $1 – $37). On the order page, you have the option to also have a “bump” offer (a one click checkbox offer) to increase profitability on the sale.

For building an initial audience of 5,000 – 10,000 people with a list of 1,000 – 2,000 buyers it’s the most straightforward funnel to use.


9. The Simple Advertising Funnel

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This simple one step funnel is infinitely deployable for highly targeted advertising campaigns. We use ClickFunnels with this funnel to deploy keyword targeted funnels for hyper targeted Google AdWords and Bing Ad campaigns.

In a few minutes we can customize each funnel for the target keyword and deploy a high quality score and high relevance lead generation funnel.

This funnel provides just enough information and social proof to pre-quality leads and let the sales call turn them into customers.


10. The Free Offer Consulting Funnel

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This is a new funnel we’ve been testing using the copy stylings of Frank Kern to offer unbelievable value to acquire highly qualified clients.

This funnel is infinitely repurposable, as is the copy formula behind it.

The funnel linked is tailored towards marketing consulting, however, it can be used in just about any market and with any service (business brokers, real estate, copywriting, graphic design, architects, etc).


11. One-on-One Coaching Call Funnel

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A friend was in need of a funnel to help him manage the booking of one-on-one coaching calls and limit the number of calls booked as he scaled his business. I pulled together a simple funnel for folks who have an audience and want them to be able to book paid one-on-one calls with them.

This funnel has a simple front end page to explain a bit more about what the calls are all about, a bit of social proof and a single call to action to secure their call spot. That leads over to a order form to secure their one-on-one call and finally they’ll be sent over to a calendar booking page to book the one-on-one call after they’ve paid.

It’s a nice and simple alternative to something like Clarity.fm for those who want to be able to offer one-on-one assitance to the rabid fans in your audience.


12. MedSpa Botox Quiz Funnel

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MedSpa Botox Quiz Funnel

This simple quiz funnel is a great way to qualify potential medspa leads before they come into your client’s medical spa. To qualify them they’ll go through a simple 3 step process.

1) A 12-step quiz to qualify the potential lead by understanding if botox is right for them, or if they’ve done it before and are looking to switch clinics

2) Information capture (name, email, phone number and whatever other information you want to capture to follow up with leads)

3) Next steps action to turn that lead into a foot in the door customer for your medspa client



Hope you enjoyed the stash of funnels. Each of these has been time tested and proven in a number of markets. With each one having the direct share link, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have any of these funnels up and running for your business in the next 30 minutes.

Go forth and generate some leads!