More business establishments are gradually diverting their attention to areas like content marketing. Over the past few years, the competition for market automation has been growing at a significant rate. There is more demand from organizations to capture consumer email addresses. As such, businesses have improved their marketing tactics and have developed quite compelling lead magnets in attempts to have their customers provide their contact information.


What is A Lead Magnet?


A lead magnet is a considerable value, offered in the form of an irresistible bribe, to a viable prospect in exchange for their email or contact information. In simple terms, it is value offered to a website user so they may give their contact information. The term ‘lead magnet’ may also have been referenced to as a:

  • Ethical Bribe
  • Free incentive
  • Gifts
  • Giveaway

Lead magnets are very relevant to the online marketing process. This is because, in order to generate online traffic and turn the traffic into sales, the company must make use of lead magnets; the right lead magnets for your market. The potential behind lead magnets is exponential with a few good ones tripling your sales over time.

Lead magnets are essential while you wish to convince potential consumers to not only offer their contact addresses but also drive them through your funnel. This will enable the business to convert even the most skeptical leads and coldest customers to become evangelists and inform the most product unaware people.

Lead magnets are available in many forms. They may come as free online tools or free coupons. Principally, lead magnets’ scope covers any online content designed with the primary aim of capturing contact details of users.

The most important element of a lead magnet lies in its specificity. Successful lead magnets must offer to solve a particular difficulty with an appropriate resolution for a given segment of the targeted market. Lead magnets do not have to be lengthy and complicated, in fact, long and complex leads often convert poorly. The key is, a lead magnet should be consumed by the customer for its effects to be realized. A good lead must deliver value within a short time of the prospect opting in. The other elements of a prosperous lead may include:

  • Deliver one big promise as opposed to many small ones
  • Reference to a particular desirable result. Be sure to have the needs of your market in sight. If the prospect promises a good situation to the consumers, they will offer their contact details gladly
  • Offer immediate satisfaction. Your market is in need of gratification sooner. You should, therefore, avoid newsletters and daily courses
  • Changes the relationship. Successful lead magnets do more than just inform the consumers; they should change the nature of the relationship between the organization and the customer so that they are engaged to do more business with the company in future
  • Good leads send a message of high perceived value. The visitor should picture the effect of the lead as quite valuable with real monetary value
  • Avoid leads that do not lead to the promised results. Such a situation will only attract the consumer’s contact information but will lose their attention in no time. To be successful, you must deliver the promised goods and services
  • Lead magnets should be easy to consume and understand. Huge leads that may require days to read through are a roadblock to your sales wishes

The following are some of the most efficient and effective magnets and acquisition tactics that can boost your websites conversion rates of sign ups.


1) Content Upgrades


One of the most useful tools used to acquire consumers from websites is through offering content upgrade. This tactic is most likely going to work since more users crave for the additional information. Your initial tips, however, ought to be satisfactory enough to offer more reason to the consumer to give his or her contact information.

How It Works

Essentially, if your post is about ‘how to generate online traffic’, you can develop a content upgrade. This upgrade will allow your readers, (those who do provide their contact information) to access more tips on the same.


2) Quizzes

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Lead magnets are not confined strictly to adverts that state sign up to achieve a particular result. Lead magnets that do engage the consumer have been found to be more efficient than the traditional ‘sign up for more’ ones. Moreover, if you do pick the correct topic, lead magnets in the form of quizzes are more likely to be shared by the consumers. Quizzes are famous for their ability to create viral trends, especially on social networks. However, the quiz must trigger thoughts that your targeted market would want to see.

Immediately your audience answers the questions; you can play around with their train of thoughts to acquire their contact information. For example, you may combine their answers with another magnet that is most related to the answers they gave.

How It Works

Let us say you are an e-commerce store that deals with computer accessories and parts. You may probably title your quiz as ‘what type of gamer are you?’ Shortly after the quiz, you may offer to give a detailed answer. You may say ‘You are this type of game player. The following are some the best graphic cards for these kinds of games. Please do enter your email address to get the document’.

Quizzes are particularly recommendable because of their ability to become viral especially on social media. Viral quizzes do inform even the most product unaware consumer in the market. On the other hand, the quizzes should trigger relevant thoughts on the minds of the user to achieve success.


3) Giveaways


Appsumo is a clear exhibit of what giveaways can achieve for a company’s online marketing ambitions. Appsumo is an entity that was founded by Noah Kagan. What the company does is it sells products to entrepreneurs from the creators at discounted prices. The founder, Noah Kagan, is good at building email lists fast. One of the ways he built the lists is through the use of giveaways. Use of giveaways is the primary reason why Appsumo email lists are past half a million.

Giveaways, however, have the potential to create very many freebie seekers. Nonetheless, they still work well because of the huge volume of emails you can acquire. Even if some of these emails are just freebie seekers, there is a good likelihood you may end up with numerous loyal customers from the program.

How It Works

Giveaways work by offering incentives to online users of a selected market segment given they take part in the project. The advert may prompt the interested prospect to give contact information so the giveaways may be shipped or more information can be delivered to him or her via email. The use of giveaways is recommendable because of the number of consumers they do attract. If you are a startup business, consider employing giveaways as your marketing tactic.


4) Generators


The primary reason why more people opt to purchase services is that the work is usually done for them. The same idea is deployed while using generators. Picture a scenario where you can input some basic data and then getting the desired results you hoped. With generators, all the user should do is offer data. This information may include:

  • The topic you will use
  • Your desired outcome
  • Your undesirable outcomes
  • Action
  • Targeted audience
  • Number of points in the content

A perfect example of this type of generator is available here.

How It Works

Immediately the user inputs all the information; the generator will give out up to 50 headlines that can be used for free. However, some of the headlines may require being fixed up a bit. Nonetheless, most of the work is done for you. Moreover, headlines are divided into divisions.

This tactic may prompt the thought, ‘how are six headlines valuable?’ If you wish to promote your company, you may need to use robust and catchy headlines. It can be tedious to think about it, especially if you are not good at the art.

With these generators, you can input your contact details and immediately get up to 50 headlines. Generators are a good and easy tool to get website visitors to provide their contact information. Tools such as these are the most valuable services you can offer to get consumers to provide their information.


5) Mobile Apps


Apps are very popular these days. In the innovation world, more people opt to put more focus on building apps that would increase the values of their stocks. Such apps include WhatsApp, Instagram, and snap chat. However, for institutions that may not wish to create the next big mobile application, a simple marketing app can be very handy. Fewer companies use this technique for commercialization. It may, therefore, provide the difference between really fast growth and slow growth among some companies.

Organizations may create simple utility based apps that more consumers may want to view often. These apps provide the chance and potential to reach a huge number of people. Moreover, the apps should come in alongside notifications to purchase certain services and products from the app itself or your website.

How It Works

With the growing demand for mobile applications, simple utility apps can achieve numerous installs rapidly thereby reaching many consumers. The app should work by sending automatic notifications to the user once in a while and providing information about your establishment.

For example, let us imagine that your company sells shoes for athletes. You should develop an app that people are likely to love. The app should work by providing notifications to the user and incentives to purchase every time he or she runs a considerable distance. The notification should inform the prospect that he may buy quality running shoes from your site.


6) Breakdowns

A breakdown is a piece of training where you may break down some other person’s content. When copywriting, copy breakdowns are evident when a copywriter goes through a piece of content and tries to show the reader what the author was seeking to explain. Often, these breakdowns include tips to improve as well as the pros and cons of the writers work.

A good example is a video breakdown of people jumping. You can probably get a video of someone else jumping and breakdown the entire jumping forms. The most important point of the breakdown is to show the viewer how they may improve at it. Moreover, breakdowns also inform consumers of the existence of the subject matter entailed in the video. Consequently, after watching a video breakdown, the viewer should be in a position to generate a better copy of the same or in the least be aware of how he may do it. For example, after a ‘jump higher’ video breakdown, the viewer should be in a position to come up with tips on how to jump higher.

How It Works

Content breakdowns work by prompting the website visitors to provide some of their contact detail to earn the rest of the copy. For example, if you have broken down a video on ‘how to choose good graphic cards’ you can provide some little information on the subject and ask the prospect to provide his or her email address to get a more detailed copy of the breakdown.


7) Free Trials


Companies that do not provide a free trial offer for their products do miss out on so much. This is because it is a good growth technique available. Let us say I am a random consumer on the internet and you are marketing a certain product. I might go ahead and read your marketing content as well as download a few lead magnets and go on to read all the testimonials from your satisfied customers. However, I may still have some doubt in me; I might still be nervous. Even with a two-month ‘money back’ guarantee, I may still be reluctant to give you my card details because I do not want charges every month in case there are problems in the future.

An excellent solution to this issue is to let me use your product for a short while as I make up my mind. People who sign up for free trials are more likely going to become future customers if the workability of your product is impressive enough.

Numerous companies have employed this technique as a way to lure consumers to use their goods or try out their services. However, such a technique would only raise the question ‘how do I get the customer’s contact information by offering free trials?’

How It Works

Before providing the trial service, you may prompt the client to provide some basic contact information. For example, you may state ‘please provide your email address to get the free trial session activated’. This will guarantee that all interested users of your product leave their email information.


8) Guides


Guides rank best among the most used lead magnets. It is very likely that you have bumped onto an advert with such a headline ‘how to attract 25,000 customers every month.‘

The difference between reports and guides is that reports are short pieces of content about a given subject while guides are how-to pieces of information with goals attached to it. Due to their popularity, it is clear that guides are a little bit overused. Nonetheless, it is the market that decides which tools work best and which ones do not.

The effective guides are those that create a solution on a high demand subject that is quite low in supply. Such a scenario coupled with a market that has few guides circulating can give room for you to build a lead magnet that is just as capable as any other in the market.

How It Works

Guides are simple instructions on how to achieve the desired goals in the topic. However, offering free guides alone will not guarantee the consumer will leave his or her contact information upon purchase. You have to prompt them. You may do this by asking them to leave their contact information so as to receive a copy of the guidelines. Guides are widely used in the current online market. This is a technique that will guarantee a good visitor to customer conversion result.


9) Resource Lists

A resource list is a collection of items in one document. This description makes it similar to a toolkit. The biggest difference is that a resource list is a list of items that are not tools.

Let us say I am a random person surfing the internet and I came across your site. My main agenda is, besides the information I seek, to be entertained. Your task, on the other hand, will be to build influence and give me a reason to come back to your site and read more. One of the ways to achieve this will be to lead me to read your best pieces of writing and most popular blog posts. Upon successfully leading to your most influential postings, you could make a simple “best of” list that I can download later given I provide my email.

Resource lists mainly work because they are specific on a particular subject, useful and can be organized.

How It Works

Let us imagine you are developing a new website about “best eating habits to lose fat quick.” You can make a resource list in a word editing program and link it to your site. The resource list should be specific to vegetarian recipes that more people can prepare in a short duration. Upon successful creation of the site and linking the word document, you can prompt the web visitors to leave their contact addresses in exchange for the word document.

Resource lists are advantageous since they are less tedious. Without you publishing a single article, you can make yourself a lead magnet that can be exchanged for contact addresses.


10) Video Training


Videos and MP4 files have become the current and future destination for online marketing. A video presents a medium through which the consumer may view, listen and even read information all at the same time. Videos are generally opinionated as more entertaining and easier to understand than plain text.

Videos work well since besides helping the seller to make up his personal brand; they provide a platform through which consumers may associate the vendor with the quality of the video. Additionally, a video is perceived, by more people, as more valuable than both text and audio. In fact, in some markets, such as fitness and health, videos are mostly employed.

How It Works

The operation strategy behind the use of video is straight forward. Let us imagine you own a website about a gym. You could link a video training session on ‘how to lose belly fat in a natural way’ on the site. You may then prompt the website visitor to leave up his email address in exchange for such and more tutorials on the same topic.


11) Courses


Email courses were in the past all that online marketers aimed for. This is because they are simple and easy to put up. All that they require is that you write some emails to your follow up sequence, and that is it. You could additionally get a little fancy by adding some graphics and linking them to outside sources.

Email courses are presently not used as often. However, that is not to mean that they are less efficient. If you do it in the right manner, they can be really good lead magnets with a possibility of them going viral.

If you want to achieve greater success through this path, you may have to think of it in a broader perspective. Liken your email course to a college class. The email course should be informative and one that covers more detail about a narrow subject matter. A good example of a successful email course would be a 12-week long cooking course that would turn a beginner into an expert in Indian cuisine.

Once the email course is in place you may prompt the website visitor to leave their contact information behind so he or she may periodically receive the course via email.


12) PDF Version


As online readers, chances are we have probably come across a very good piece of writing that we would want to keep it with us entirely. The best solution to this problem will be to download the post as a PDF version. This is a fast and easy solution, especially for readers who go through a lot of content. However, to get the PDF version of the post, you will have to leave behind your email address.

This technique is fast and easy to set up. You may apply it in any of your best posts. Just create a different PDF version of the blog and link it within the content of your site. Once people get to read your posts, they will also want to have a PDF version of the same in the personal hard drives. Do not forget to ask your visitors to sign up to periodically receive upgraded content from the blog post. You may now watch as your sign-up rates go higher by the day.


13) Discount Coupon


It is quite a basic lead magnet that you can offer. The use of discount coupons to attract consumers and ask them to leave their content information is an old school lead magnet that is still in use. This technique is mostly employed in e-commerce stores.

The greatest benefit of discount coupons is you do not have to build an email list of people expecting free stuff from you. The list can be much smaller, containing only the people who are ready to buy. However, in order to achieve greater success with this technique, the discount coupon must fit your brand.

For example, if you hope to become a monopoly or a big player in your market, offering discount coupons should not help much. Other than that, if you are attempting to move a target market segment to the end of your buying funnel, discount coupons may just be the best option. Do not forget to ask your customers to leave their contact details in the coupon.


14) Periodic Newsletter


A periodic newsletter is a publication that is meant to deliver updated content on a periodic basis. This definition illustrates that the period may be based on weeks, days, and even months. Every entrepreneur may decide on the periodic epoch that would be most profitable. However, small businesses should refrain from going beyond the monthly mark as they are still attempting to penetrate into the market. For this technique to work, the newsletters should educate the targeted market on matters they would want to know.

For example, we could imagine you are a start up in the fitness industry, and you would wish to have a periodic newsletter. Some of the topics that your market segment would be interested in learning about may include nutritious recipes, workout plans, and weight loss program. Good ideas for your establishment’s periodicals should, therefore, include recipe newsletter, exercise program of the month newsletter, or weight loss plan of the week newsletter. As long as your publications remain informative and helpful, more prospects will sign up for it.

How It Works

Periodic newsletters work by offering the promise of detailed information on a particular subject matter in exchange for a prospect’s email addresses.

A good example of periodic publications in place is as in the ‘growth and convert newsletter.’ The newsletter hopes to update their customers how they develop their site at such a rate. The promise to learn such invaluable expertise is reason enough for up to 40000 people to sign up and leave their contact addresses.


15) Account Registration

The account registration technique is widely applied especially in the e-commerce industry. People running a startup e-commerce store should consider this method as a perfect lead magnet tool. A good example of this tool in practice is like in Amazon. Upon filling your cart and attempting to check out, the site prompts the user to create an account. You have to leave behind your contact details during your first purchase so that during future purchases your details will be generated automatically. Upon signing up, Amazon remains with your email addresses. They can hence send you emails when they need to.

How It Works

This technique is simple to the user and can achieve great success within a short time. Let us say you own an e-commerce store. You should design your site so that it prompts the user to sign up or register. The registration process should be easy for the user to consume. A simple field requiring the email address and the client’s password is enough. Your database is then filled with email addresses of potential customers in the future. You may use their contact information to send adverts and posts about potential deals that they may be interested in.



Lead magnets are any offers made in exchange for contact information. This strategy of marketing enables the business to follow up on clients who are either ready to buy or to make up their minds in future. The offer presented by the company ought to be relevant and one that can provide value to the lead for a conversation to take place. Moreover, the value the business offers ought to be precise and straightforward. Be sure to use the best lead magnet in light of your target market’s tastes and preferences as well as your company’s growth index. Lead magnets are quite helpful especially with the high competition for customers in the market.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]