In today’s social media-connected day and age, more businesses than ever are attempting to boost their online presence by actually buying their Facebook “likes”. After all, many business owners truly believe that the more likes they have, the better off they are. This is not at all the case, however. In fact, the truth may surprise you.

Quality Is Better than Quantity

To put it simply, you want everyone who likes your Facebook page to be a true supporter of your company in one way or another. Otherwise, simply liking your page means that you are just another item in someone’s news feed that they’ll scroll right past. When you actually purchase Facebook likes, you’re receiving these likes from people who are actually being paid by a company to go in and click “like” on your page. Some of them may even be from fake accounts, which completely violates Facebook’s terms of service. What’s more important to you as a business owner: real people connecting with your company, or many fake accounts liking your page in order to (hopefully) boost visibility?

Buying Facebook Likes Will Shrink Consumer Engagement

Something else to consider is the fact that Facebook, much like Google, uses a series of algorithms to determine how often your content appears in your fans’ News Feeds. If your content is lacking or non-organic, these algorithms will actually punish you by reducing the number of views you receive. To put it bluntly, if you buy your likes, not only are you only being viewed by people who really don’t care about your company, but your efforts to boost your visibility will be hindered because Facebook will limit the number of people who can actually engage with your content – including those who liked your page organically.

Putting It to the Test

Consider for a moment a small business owner who has 500 organic fans, and about 25% of these people regularly engage with this business’s Facebook page by commenting on, sharing, or liking posts. That’s 125 people who interact with the Facebook page regularly. Now, imagine that this same business owner purchases 5000 likes. At this point, the business owner has 5500 likes, and only 125 of these people (or a meager 2.3%) actually engage with the page regularly. Unfortunately, this tells the Facebook algorithms that your content isn’t up to par, and fewer people than before will find your page organically. What’s more, those who were regularly engaging your site will see fewer of the things you post, hurting your business even more.

While buying Facebook likes may seem like an immediate solution to your social media visibility issues, it will actually harm your site more than help it. The best way to generate Facebook likes is with high-quality organic content. Although it will take longer to get your page off the ground, it will please the Facebook algorithms and make sure that more people in your target demographic actually see the content you take the time to create.